Viddify Review 80% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

What is Viddify?

Viddify is a powerful new website app that embeds interactive games in your videos to increase viewer retention! This results in much more clicks, leads & sales from your video clips.

Viddify review and huge bonus

Viddify is a web application that boosts video clicks, leads, & sales by significantly increasing viewer retention unlike anything you have seen before.

With Viddify, you’ll introduce interactive games in your videos precisely when most of your viewers normally stop watching your video clips.

Listen, I know this may strike you as a bit unusual & I do not blame you; I nearly looked right past this product but…

As soon as I realized that it gave viewers incentive to play these games & watch your video clips from start to finish I realized this will give its users a ridiculous advantage over everyone else!

Think about this for a moment. Every video clip has a specific “drop off point” that represents when most viewers stop watching the video.

On average, after five seconds of a video you have already lost 20% of your viewership!

That is not good for anything! Not good for rankings, not good for average visit duration, & definitely not good for sales!

Viddify beta testers found that over 80% of viewers played the interactive game when it showed up in the video & retention rates went through the roof along with sales.

Check out the Viddify demo below & get a look inside the actual product working in action…

Viddify Overview

  • Vendor: Joey Xoto et al
  • Product: Viddify
  • Release Date: 2015-06-26
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Sales Page: http://www.viddify.com
  • Niche: Software

How Does Viddify Work?

First, Import Your Video

To get started inside of Viddify, basically hit “Import” and bring your video clip into the Viddify app on-line.
Viddify works with all major video platforms!
You just need the video URL to get going…

Next, Check Your Current Retention Rate…

Viddify will give you in-depth analytics about your video retention percent.
This will allow you to understand what point of your video clip needs more engagement to increase your viewing percent.

… Then, Boost Your Retention % By Adding Viddify To Your Videos!

With only a click of a button, Viddify will add a game to the average “drop point” of your video… as a
result, you’ll see your video’s retention rate boost immediately.

As a result of your increased retention rate, you’ll notice an increase in your clicks and most importantly – profits!

Viddify Lets You Incentivize Your Users To Play Viddify Games

If Your Viewer Wins The Game, They Can Obtain Discounts, Instant Downloads Or Any Other
Type Of Reward
You Want To Embed!

Viddify Can Be Customized In Pretty Much Any Way You Can Think Of…

Change the colors of Viddify to suit your web-sites and match up to your brand…
Create pre / post game pop up messages to let your viewers know what is coming!


Viddify will be available starting on 6/26 at 11:00 AM EDT. Joey Xoto will be providing a special discount at the beginning of the release & for a limited time you can buy this product for $67. I’m also giving away the FREE Huge Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page…

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