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Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review– If You Want To Make Money With Video, Your Videos Need To Be Seen And the fact is, when it comes to ranking videos, backlinks are still KING.
If your subscribers want to see their videos on page one of Google and YouTube… they KNOW that social shares and on-page SEO won’t be enough, especially if the keyword is in any way competitive. They’ve got to be putting in the hours building link after link. If they don’t have the time, they’ve got to hand their credit card over to a VA and tell them to go nuts.
Or, they could use Video Bookmarker 2.0.

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Overview

  • Vendor: Aravindh S
  • Product: Video Bookmarker 2.0
  • Release Date: 2017-06-09
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click Here

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review

What is Video Bookmarker 2.0

Video Book marker is Yogesh’s own revolutionary video backlink engine that assists you rank any video by building HUNDREDS of high-quality backlinks at the push of a button…

It is how he ranked the videos you saw above, and it is how you too can easily get all your videos slamming in to the top page of Google.

Plus, it is so easy to use, that even complete technophobes are ensured BIG results within SEVEN days… or your money back.

It’s some of the most up-to-date link building software ever built… here’s just a few of the 20+ features:

  • 500-site database included with ALL license levels: As standard, your subscribers will get a huge site database, plus the ability to add more sites of their own
  • Multi-threaded algorithm: Video Bookmarker 2.0 was coded by an expert, which means it’s one of the most efficient tools on the market. You can even set how many resources you want devoted to a task.
  • Mass account creation: Video Bookmarker 2.0 doesn’t just post links… the whole process is covered. With this feature you can set up thousands of bookmarking accounts at the push of a button.
  • Detailed statistics: unlike some other backlink-building tools, Video Bookmarker 2.0 has nothing to hide. You get to see all the key details of the sites you’re linking – Alexa rank, domain authority and more – AND a regular report on how many backlinks have been posted and are active.

Features of Video Bookmarker 2.0

  • Get staggering amounts of targeted traffic to your videos and begin enjoying the extra time, money & freedom of a truly passive income (it is what true video marketing is all about, but it is what most Video Marketers never achieve)
  • Get page ONE rankings for one or multiple videos by using Google’s love affair with video backlinks to climb to the top of the SERPS.
  • Build the links Google’s really looking for: Social bookmarking websites are constantly updated & have a strong social footprint… & that means Google’s spiders are all over them, finding out your new links at lightning speed
  • Create hundreds of high-quality links in just a few clicks: Video Book marker makes the whole process so fast you will have your videos ranked before most people have finished creating accounts.
  • See accurately where your links are being built: Detailed analytics built into the software will provide you a full intelligence report on the websites you are tapping for link juice
  • Get more views & make more commissions direct from your Amazon review videos, YouTube videos, or any other sales video you are currently using… on complete autopilot.
  • Set up in Video Book marker in minutes with no prior experience, or technical know-how needed…

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Is So User Friendly, You Can Easily Create Hundreds Of Links In Just A Few Minutes…Even If You Have Never Built A Backlink In Your Life

1. 1st time running Video Bookmarker 2.0? Then you will need to create a profile with all your website logins. Do not worry – you can easily do this in just a few of clicks. Video Bookmarker 2.0 will sign up to each site for you, and confirm all the emails.

2. Choose your new profile & create a posting task.

3. Insert the URL you want to link to (or the set – Video Bookmarker 2.0 allows you to promote multiple URLs at once for a more natural linking pattern)

4. Create your post… or if you do not want to write it yourself, use Video Bookmarker 2.0’s database of spinnable titles & posts. You do not even need an integration – there is a spinner already built in.

5. Hit the button… and Video Bookmarker 2.0 will run through the website database, firing out links like an Uzi on overdrive!
And Not Only That… You Can Easily Optimize Video Bookmarker 2.0 EXACTLY To Your System

Video Bookmarker 2.0’s advanced multi-tasking algorithm means you can not only run lots of tasks at once…
(Want to set up a new profile & build links at the same time? Go for it!)

You can easily tell Video Bookmarker 2.0 exactly how many resources you want to devote to each one. Just decrease or increase the number of ‘threads’. The more threads you use, the faster it goes.

Because you can tailor it exactly… Video Bookmarker 2.0 will be the FASTEST link-building software you have ever used. Bar none.

And It is Not Just The Fastest… It is The Most Powerful

Check Out These Killer Features That will Make SEO Boredom A Thing Of The Past

Build links to multiple URLs in a single run:

Got a lot of videos you want to promote? Insert them all to your task & Video Bookmarker 2.0 will choose one video at random to promote in each post

Proxy Integration for ‘Silent Running’

Stay under the radar with full proxy support – Video Bookmarker 2.0 will work with both public & private

Advanced Scheduler

Schedule submissions by days, total days, and number of links each day to take as much control as you want over your link building strategy

Human Simulation Mode

The software automatically randomizes time-intervals when posting and giving you maximum usage of each account

Pre-Written Posts Database

Do not want to think up content for your post? Video Bookmarker 2.0 includes a database of hundreds of generic, spin-ready titles & descriptions you can easily use right away

Advanced Crash Recovery System

if there is ever a problem, Video Bookmarker 2.0 automatically goes into recovery mode, saving your project so you can pick up exactly where you left off… so you will never waste a single link run.

Detailed Statistics

Check how your links are performing with a comprehensive statistics report of bookmarking websites, including PA, DA, Alexa rank, NF/DF & more

Captchas broken on autopilot

Solves Mathematical Captcha Automatically & Integrates with your favorite captcha-breaking service allows you to breeze pasts security like Brad Pitt at a nightclub, saving many hours of your time

Advanced Multi-Tasking System

Run up to 100 tasks simultaneously! Registration, email verification, posting, scraping, pinging and email reports can all be run with no slow down (Plus you can run unlimited threads on every task!)

Massive 80% Active Link Success Rate

Get massive, measurable results, with every link run! Video Bookmarker 2.0 guarantees 80%+ success rate for any single link posting run… NO OTHER SOFTWARE is as consistent

New Features Video Bookmarker 2.0

Ytube Rank Tracker
Just enter your target keyword & get a list of all the videos ranking for the specific keyword, the amount of likes & views of every video ranking for your target keyword.

Google Rank Tracker
Track rankings of your site/video for any keyword! See and examine important metrics like FB likes, shares, comments, +1’s, Pins, stumbles, tweets all under one roof!

Auto Indexing Bookmarks
A Backlink Not Indexed is Simply a WASTE. Many webmasters throw their efforts & more importantly money purchasing backlinks. What they don’t realise is that they need these backlinks get indexed to benefit for the rankings of their websites! This new feature automatically indexes all the bookmarks that you create hence increasing your likelihood to get ranked faster on Google & Ytube.


  • 1-Click Posting
  • Multiple machine license
  • User-Focused Management System
  • Instant Reporting Updates
  • WebSite Crawler
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Platform Reporting
  • Innovative User Interface
  • Highly Memory Efficient
  • Powerful Platform Detector
  • Advanced Randomization Options
  • Built-In Mass Pinger
  • Built in Spinner And Synonym Database
  • Nested Spintax Supported
  • Daily/Weekly Email Reports



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