VidProtect Review – DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

Keeps your explainer, training or sales video clips safe so they can not be posted anyplace else and if they do – You get all the traffic redirected to your website!

For years now, hackers have been stealing affiliate video clips, training video clips, video products, sales video clips and more together with all the traffic & money – and got away with it.

Finally your video clips can become SAFE & impossible to STEAL and all with the push of a button!

You get all this in VidProtect

-> Instantly protects your video clips from being stolen

-> Fully integrated with Explaindio ,Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro & more

-> Works with Youtube, Amazon S3, Vimeo & more

-> Protects against automated bots

-> Perfect for any type of video clip

Plus – if someone grabs your VidProtect video clips, you can redirect THEIR entire traffic back to any link you want to.

VidProtect Overview

  • Vendor: Todd Gross et al
  • Product: VidProtect
  • Release Date: 2016-03-17
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Sales Page: http://vidprotect.com
  • Niche: Video

If you value your business and video clips above $17 – do not think twice & grab this.Who can use this tool? This is easy…

-> Any video marketer, regardless of the niche

-> Anyone who values their business and is not ready to sacrifice a lot of traffic

-> People with video products who want those safe & not shared for free

-> Video affiliate marketers who do not want their video clip reviews stolen &  their affiliate links changed

-> People who do not want an inflated video clip bandwidth bill for STOLEN traffic

-> Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Motion Pro owners who want all their hard work to not be stolen

VIDprotect does not just work awesomely at securing your video clip content…

Here’s just a few ways this awesome tool can be used:

Encrypt & secure embedded forms



Some Features Of VidProtect

Clean, Simple to Use Cloud Interface

  • VidProtect is a new groundbreaking online software that’ll protect all your videos from being stolen & keeping your bandwidth expenses at a minimum, keeping all your traffic yours & making your business hacker-proof.
  • It is perfect for anybody doing webinars, sales videos, training videos, aff videos, video products & anything in between.

Secures your videos with just clicks

  • All you need to do is add your video URL or embed code. Vidprotect works with Amazon S3, Vimeo, Youtube, Wistia & a ton more. It’s active technology fights even the most sophisticated bots & makes it impossible for your videos to ever get stolen again.

Redirect to any URL

  • If somebody steals your VidProtect videos, you can immediately redirect all their traffic back to your video – or any other URL you would want to.

Generates Ready-To-Publish Embed Code

  • At the end, VidProtect gives you with an embed code, similar to the ones you would get from Youtube and the like. So instead of publishing the Youtube embed, you can publish the Vidlify one. Once that’s published on your website, your videos are safe!

PLUS – You Get All The Training You Need

  • Even though VidProtect is very easy to use, we have got you covered with in-depth video training & step-by-step plans to maximizing the use of this awesome software!

Who Can Use This Tool?

  • Any video marketer & regardless of the niche.
  • Anybody who values their business & isn’t ready to sacrifice lots of traffic.
  • People with video products who want those safe & not shared for free.
  • Video aff marketers who do not want their video reviews stolen & their aff links changed.
  • People who do not want an inflated video bandwidth bill for stolen traffic.
  • Explaindio, Video Maker FX, Video Motion Pro owners who want all their hard work to not be stolen.



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