WP Zero Bounce 2.0 Review – DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

ROBLEM : Do you know that every site loses almost 50-60% of their visitors just few seconds after they visit the website?

Yes, these are traffic that come ONCE, visit a single page & click the BACK button of the browser &  they just BOUNCE back to where they came from.

If you see your visitors data you’ll see this number as your website’s BOUNCE RATE which is normally between 50-60% for most websites, a lot higher for websites getting visitors from social media etc.

These are traffic you are losing & not monetizing.

What is WP Zero Bounce 2.0 ?

SOLUTION: Enter WP ZERO BOUNCE 2.0 wordpress plugin- this gives you the super power to redirect these bouncing traffic to another page on your website or you can redirect these traffic to affiliate offers, optin pages, cpa offers, amazon links – literally anywhere you want.

So now when they come to your website, check it out a bit & hit the BACK button – BOOM -> cash in the bank!

This is for 50% of your visitors that you are losing today, each and everyday.

HUGE SEO BENEFIT : Reducing bounce rate will help your website’s SEO if you decide to redirect these traffic to another page of your website with your most popular content – this will increase time on website & drastically help your website’s rankings.

We have tested this with a lot of sites & the website owners are ecstatic about it. They have seen a drop in bounce rate and an increase in earnings since the day they added this plugin to their websites 🙂

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How to use WP Zero Bounce?

You can use WP Zero Bounce as a ” sneaky trick ” to increase your bounce rate . Because by forcing your traffic to visit another page on your website (instead of going back to the prior page), you will improve your bounce rate by default. And the lower your bounce rate the better your SE0 rankings will be.

However this WP plugin can also be used for other purposes:
By misusing the back button & showing an extra webpage, you’ve an extra change to turn ” lost visitors” into profit. This is especially useful for landing pages.
But you can use this technique also for review websites by showing other related reviews. Or if somebody tries to leave your site, offer a discount or coupon.
Or you can show a squeeze page to try to capture your otherwise lost visitors. And what about sending your clients to one of your other web-sites or affiliate sales pages? Or sending them to a survey or feedback form? As you can see the possibilities are endless.

What Is New In Zero Bounce 2.0?

They have now added the ability to ADD ZERO BOUNCE TO ANY WEBSITE YOU WANT – HTML WEBSITE or any kind of non-WP Site too.

Yes – Just like a SAAS Product, you can add External SITE URL & generate a piece of code you can add to any other site & control all it’s Zero Bounce 2.0 settings from your main WP site.

This is a huge feature because now you can not only use this for WordPress websites but all other kinds of sites & blogs too, allowing not just WordPress users but everybody else to use this magical plugin.

WP ZeroBounce 2.0 Overview

  • Vendor: Ankur Shukla
  • Product: WP ZeroBounce 2.0
  • Release Date: 2016-04-27
  • Release Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: Software

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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked ! Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow !

Main Extra Features of WordPress Plugin Zero Bounce PRO:

Optional Exit intend redirection. As soon the mouse leave the browser window the visitor gets redirected.

Disable Redirect for Home page / Page/Post. Disable redirects on all pages, posts or home page only. Gives you more flexibility & control.

Split testing & Dynamic Redirect Rotation. Automatically rotate several redirect URLs.

Selective Redirect. Only redirect traffic who came from websites you specify.

Automatic Timed Deactivation. You can set to not redirect traffic who have stayed on your page for a certain amount of time.

Mobile/Desktop Toggle. Select to redirect only PC or only mobile users.

Redirect only X percent of traffic.

“Force enable” option. If activated on individual post/page, the visitor will get redirected even if WP Zero Bounce itself is deactivated in the settings.

Redirect by Country. Set different redirect URLs for traffic from specific countries.

Redirect by Referer. Setup specific redirect based on where the traffic is coming from (specify any website you want).

What happens when somebody visits more posts/pages on your website?

Well, this tool is smart. It recognizes what the latest referrer page was. If it was a prior page/post on your site, of course your visitor will be send back to that post/page. On the other hand if somebody came from an outside URL (f.e. Google Search Engine), then the visitor will be redirected to the preset URL (the URL you set for the last particular visited page/post with WP Zero Bounce activated).WP Zero Bounce 2.0 Review WP Zero Bounce 2-compressed (1) WP Zero Bounce 2-compressed (2)


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