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Quickdraw Pro Tape Measure – Contractor Grade Steel Ruler

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The 25′ Foot QUICKDRAW PRO Self Marking Tape Measure is a game-changer in the construction industry. With its innovative features and unmatched accuracy, this tape measure is a must-have for any professional contractor or weekend warrior looking to build like a pro.

BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER: The QUICKDRAW PRO Tape Measure is the evolution of the original QUICKDRAW DIY, with every feature upgraded to meet the demands of the professional contractor. From the moment you pick it up, you can feel the superior quality and durability of this tape measure.

LOSE YOUR PENCIL: Say goodbye to searching for a pencil or constantly sharpening one. The QUICKDRAW PRO comes preloaded with a patented graphite marking system that easily and accurately applies a graphite mark or line right where you want it. Plus, it can make over 2000 marks per load, and reloading takes just 10 seconds.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: The new wedge indicator on the QUICKDRAW PRO acts like a gun sight, providing extreme accuracy. From the front, it appears as a wedge shape, but when you look down from above, it becomes a single red line, telling you precisely where you’re putting your mark. With the Tru-VIEW WEDGE, you can achieve dead nuts accuracy every time.

DRAW CIRCLES AROUND THE COMPETITION: Need to cut an 8″ hole? No problem. Simply lock your tape blade at 4″, hold the corner of the tape hook on your center point, and draw your circle. This process, which used to take minutes, now only takes seconds with the QUICKDRAW PRO. It’s a game-changer for anyone who frequently needs to make accurate radius measurements.

LOCK IT UP TIGHT: The new heavy-duty brake-lock on the QUICKDRAW PRO is made of a composite rubber that grips the blade from top and bottom, ensuring the most accurate marks, lines, and radius in the industry. You can confidently rely on this tape measure for precise measurements every time.

CLIP N’ GO: With the heavy-gauge spring steel belt clip, you can securely keep your QUICKDRAW PRO tape measure by your side at all times. Its industrial chrome finish makes it almost indestructible, so you can trust that it will withstand even the toughest environments.

WEATHER THE STORM: The QUICKDRAW PRO tape measure dominates all industry durability tests. It’s designed to withstand the harshest conditions, including rain and damp environments. Even when working with wet lumber or other wet materials, you’ll get an extra dark line for increased visibility.

The 25′ Foot QUICKDRAW PRO Self Marking Tape Measure sets a new standard for measuring devices in the construction industry. Its superior accuracy, durability, and innovative features make it the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Say goodbye to wasting time looking for a pencil and guessing measurements. Invest in the QUICKDRAW PRO and experience the difference it makes in your projects.

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