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Magic Cursive Handwriting Set (4)

4 Pack Grooved Handwriting Books for Kids Magic Practice Copybook Cursive Writing Combination Groove Calligraphy...
  • 【Groove Design】 Handwriting Book is a grooved design emphasizing handwriting skills training. Children can practice writing according to the grooves, which helps children master the correct writing skills.
  • 【Easy to Practice】 Practice copybook comes with the magic pen and pen holder, ink can auto disappear allow your book to reused. Pen holder helps you hold the pen properly. Thickened beige paper will not Ink infiltration, is not easy to tear, curl, and not easy to hurt the child's eyes.
  • 【Spiral Bound】 Groove copybook is spiral bound, which can be flattened, easy to turn pages and fold, which is convenient for children to practice writing and drawing.
  • 【Rich Content】 Handwriting practice book is a double-sided design with rich content. Alphabets, numbers, and pictures on each page can attract children's attention and cultivate their interest in learning.
  • 【What You Get】 You can get 4 different grooved handwriting books and 5 fade refills, including alphabet, numbers, drawing, and math. Each copybook has 16 pages. Size: 7.4 x 5.1 inches (18.8 x 13 cm).

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Review: 4 Pack Grooved Handwriting Books for Kids Magic Practice Copybook Cursive Writing Combination Groove Calligraphy Copybook for Kindergarten Preschool

Do you want to help your kids develop good handwriting habits? Look no further than the 4 Pack Grooved Handwriting Books! With their innovative design and engaging content, these copybooks are the perfect tool to help children master proper writing skills while having fun.

Groove Design for Easy Practice

One of the standout features of these handwriting books is their three-dimensional groove design. The grooves make it easier for children to practice writing, helping them master correct handwriting skills and develop their fine motor skills. This unique design sets these copybooks apart from traditional practice books and makes learning a more enjoyable experience for kids.

Repeat the Exercise & Correct Writing

The groove practice book set comes with a fade pen and pen holder. The fade pen allows children to write and draw, and the ink will disappear after a while, making it perfect for repeated practice. This feature ensures that mistakes can be corrected without leaving a trace, allowing children to focus on improving their handwriting. The pen holder is also a great addition, as it helps children master the correct pen grip, an essential skill for developing good handwriting habits.

User-Friendly Features

The grooved handwriting books are designed with children in mind. The thicker paper used in these books is durable and not easily prone to breakage or curling. Additionally, the beige paper used in the books is gentle on the eyes and prevents eye fatigue, making it suitable for hours of writing and practice. The spiral binding allows children to turn pages smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted practice sessions.

Rich Content for Engaging Learning

These copybooks offer a wide range of content to engage children in their learning journey. The set includes an alphabet copybook, a numbers copybook, a drawing copybook, and a math copybook. Each copybook is packed with activities and exercises designed to enhance children’s understanding and recognition of letters, numbers, and various objects. The interesting content ensures that children have fun while learning, helping them develop an interest in writing and drawing.

Best Gift for Kids

If you’re looking for a gift that combines fun and education, these grooved handwriting books are an excellent choice. They provide an interactive learning experience, improving handwriting skills and promoting creative thinking. The variety of activities and exercises cater to different learning styles, ensuring that children stay engaged and motivated throughout their practice sessions.


In conclusion, the 4 Pack Grooved Handwriting Books for Kids are a valuable tool for helping children develop good handwriting habits. With their groove design, fade pen, and rich content, these copybooks make learning to write fun and engaging. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these copybooks are a must-have to support children’s early writing development. Give your child the gift of improved handwriting skills with the 4 Pack Grooved Handwriting Books!

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