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Looper Tube Delineators: 42″ 8lb Base, 10 Pack, Black

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Introducing the 42″ Looper Tube: The Ultimate Pedestrian Barrier

When it comes to creating effective pedestrian barriers, the 42″ Looper Tube with an 8lb base from TrafFix Devices is a game-changer. Designed to keep people safe, this innovative product is a must-have for any hazard site, construction zone, or public event. With its impressive features and versatile functionality, it’s no wonder why the Looper Tube is becoming the go-to choice for professionals.

Unparalleled Design and Versatility

The Looper Tubes boast a unique 5-inch tall molded Looper handle, allowing you to easily string plastic chain, barrier tape, OSHA-flags, or even our expandable Cone Bars. This level of versatility is unmatched in the industry, making it a breeze to customize your pedestrian barrier to suit your specific needs.

Ensuring Safety and Structure

Whether you need to guard a hazardous area, mark newly laid asphalt, or organize ticket lines at busy venues, the Looper Tube has got you covered. This product provides a sturdy and reliable structure that ensures individuals stay safe and organized in any environment. Its durable construction and detachable 8lb recycled rubber base make it a long-lasting investment that can withstand the test of time.

Added Visibility and Convenience

With an optional pair of 3″ reflective collars, the Looper Tube becomes even more versatile. This feature enhances visibility, making it easier for pedestrians to navigate around barriers, especially in low-light conditions. The collars also add an extra layer of safety by drawing attention to potential hazards.

Value and Dependability

When it comes to pedestrian barriers, the Looper Tube provides unbeatable value. Its high-quality design, durability, and adaptability ensure that you’re getting a product that will serve you well for years to come. The 42″ size is perfect for a wide range of applications, and the 10-pack gives you plenty of barriers to work with at an affordable price.


In conclusion, the 42″ Looper Tube with 8lb base is a top-notch solution for creating effective pedestrian barriers. With its innovative design, versatility, and focus on safety, it exceeds expectations and sets a new standard in the industry. Whether you’re a construction professional, event organizer, or simply someone who values safety and organization, the Looper Tube is an investment you won’t regret. Get your 10-pack today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with using the best pedestrian barrier on the market.


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