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China’s RC Submarine – Unleash Epic Naval Power!

Arkmodel 1/72 China RC Submarine 039 Song Class KIT and WTC (Water Tight Cylinder) Single Pump Tank KIT [...
  • Ship introduction:
    ARTR size/weight:1040x117mm/6028g(ARTR box)
    Kit size/weight:1100x140x220/4000g(Kit box)
  • 039 Kit introduction:
    This is a HIGH QUALITY model kit.
    Designed by detailed drawing and resource.
    Suit for building an RC model or a static display model.
    Hull made by FRP/ABS.
    Deck&superstructure made by ABS/wood/epoxy sheet (CNC).
    Detail fitting parts made by casting resin or metal.
  • All metal parts such as running set made by CNC precision sizing.
    Kit includes colour decal.
    Kit includes large size brass photo etch.
    Kit includes 3D illustrated step by step instruction.
  • 039 Kit included:
    This kit(hull) comes with almost everything that needs to build an RC running model.
    Kit includes a hull, decks, Injection parts, CNC-sheets, decals, brass photo etch, instructions and other parts for WTC installation.
    WTC(water tight cylinder)is a sealed cabin that accommodates all machinery and electronic equipment , such as motors, water-pump, solenoid valve, servo, ESC, ERS, RC, battery etc. WTC supplies submarine the ability of running, diving, and floating.
  • Already including Single pump tank WTC( water tight cylinder) KIT
    Already including sevos,ESC,BCU

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The Captivating Arkmodel 1/72 China RC Submarine 039 Song Class KIT and WTC (Water Tight Cylinder) Single Pump Tank KIT Review


The Arkmodel 1/72 China RC Submarine 039 Song Class KIT and WTC Single Pump Tank KIT is an impressive offering in the world of remote-controlled submarines. With its attention to detail, high-quality materials, and comprehensive kit, this product provides an excellent foundation for enthusiasts to build their own fantastic models.

Design and Details

The 039 Kit boasts an impeccable design, following detailed drawings and resources. Its hull is made from durable FRP/ABS, providing both strength and quality. Additionally, the deck and superstructure are crafted from ABS, wood, and epoxy sheet using CNC technology, ensuring precision and accuracy with every part.

Furthermore, the kit includes an ample range of fitting parts that are made from casting resin or metal, adding authenticity and realism to the final product. This attention to detail is further exemplified by the inclusion of large size brass photo etch pieces, which add a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Easy Assembly and Essential Components

Assembly of the 039 Kit is made effortless by the clear and comprehensive illustrated step-by-step instructions. All essential electric parts, such as servos, ESC, and BCU, are already included, minimizing the additional equipment required for completion. The kit also contains rubber seals and a tools-pack for easy and hassle-free assembly.

WTC Integration

The WTC (Water Tight Cylinder) Single Pump Tank KIT is seamlessly integrated with the 039 Kit. This WTC, equipped with a piston tank ballast system, not only provides ample space but also allows for T-socket RS232 and 24-pin sockets for function updates. The WTC is made from inject ABS plastic/nylon, making assembly a breeze. Additionally, all metal parts, including the running set, are precisely sized with CNC precision.

Endless Possibilities with WTC Kit

The WTC Kit, complementing the 039 Kit, unleashes the full potential of the submarine model. It contains all the necessary mechanical and electrical equipment, such as cabins, end caps, pumps, solenoid valves, ballast tanks, motors, couplings, output shafts, and sealing kits. It also includes electronic components like servos, electronic governors, electronic switches, and remote control devices, enabling complete control and customization.


The Arkmodel 1/72 China RC Submarine 039 Song Class KIT and WTC Single Pump Tank KIT is a must-have for enthusiasts and model-building enthusiasts. Its attention to detail, high-quality materials, and comprehensive kit ensure a captivating and enjoyable building experience. Whether used as an RC running model or as a static display model, this kit provides endless possibilities for creativity and enjoyment. Dive into the world of submarines with this exceptional product today!

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