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Artmaze Clear Acrylic Round Tray: Sturdy & Spill-proof!

Artmaze Clear Sturdy Acrylic Round Tray with Handles,Spill Proof,for Kitchen (14 inch)
  • 1.A tray to keep everything organized! This acrylic round tray lets you easily display and visibly store bread, fruit drinks,milk, assorted kitchen items and more.
  • 2.Bring a modern ambience to any room of the house with these clear acrylic tray,Perfect for modern Kitchen/office/living room.
  • 3.SPILL PROOF –Do not worrie of Spilled Beverages Or Leaking, each edges are sealed completely.
  • 4.Dimensions 14"inches.High 2 inch.
  • 5.ABOUT US:Artmaze is a home decor brand.We foucus on the better home decor.One simple decoration bring more artistic sense to your home/office.We have many home decor product.such tray/mirror/side table/shelf.Thank you for choosing Artmaze!

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Introducing the Artmaze Clear Sturdy Acrylic Round Tray with Handles

Are you looking to add a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen? Look no further than the Artmaze Clear Sturdy Acrylic Round Tray with Handles. This stunning tray is not just a practical accessory for your kitchen, but also a piece of art that will elevate the aesthetic of any space.

Spill Proof and Sturdy

One of the standout features of this tray is its spill-proof design. You no longer have to worry about spilled beverages or leaking containers, as each edge of the tray is sealed completely. This makes it perfect for serving drinks, snacks, or even as a display for your favorite home decor items.

Modern Ambience

With its clear acrylic construction, this tray brings a modern ambience to any room in your house. Whether you place it in your kitchen, office, or living room, it will instantly elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. Its sleek and minimalist design is perfect for modern and contemporary interiors.

Perfect Dimensions

The tray measures 14 inches in diameter and stands at a height of 2 inches. These dimensions make it the ideal size for various uses. It is large enough to hold multiple glasses, plates, or bowls, yet compact enough to fit on any countertop or coffee table with ease.

About Artmaze

Artmaze is a home decor brand that focuses on creating better home decor products. They believe that one simple decoration can bring more artistic sense to your home or office. Their range of products includes trays, mirrors, side tables, and shelves, all designed to enhance the beauty of your living spaces.

By choosing Artmaze, you are not only investing in a high-quality product but also supporting a brand that strives for excellence in design and craftsmanship.


In conclusion, the Artmaze Clear Sturdy Acrylic Round Tray with Handles is a must-have addition to your kitchen or home decor collection. Its spill-proof design, modern ambience, and perfect dimensions make it a versatile and practical accessory for any household. Whether you use it for serving or display purposes, it is sure to become a centerpiece of admiration in your home. Trust Artmaze to bring style and elegance to your living spaces.

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