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Experience Gaming Bliss: ASUS STRIX 7.1 Headset!

ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset,Black
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ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset,Black
  • True 7.1 surround sound: Lifelike, immersive audio with 10 neodymium magnets and volume controls for each channel
  • Plug-and-play USB audio station: Works as a USB sound card with handy in-game audio controls
  • Four game-audio spectrum profiles: Enjoy immersive audio fine-tuned for first-person shooter (FPS), racing, and action/role-playing games (RPG)
  • 90% environmental noise cancellation: Clear in-game communication
  • Please refer the User Guide before use. Frequency response: 20 to 20000 Hz. Sensitivity : -40 dB

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Unleash the Power of True 7.1 Surround Sound

Immersive gaming experiences can transport us to new worlds, where every sound becomes a vital clue or a terrifying warning. ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset, with its powerful and precise audio capabilities, brings these sounds to life with unparalleled clarity. Crafted with the discerning gamer in mind, this sleek black headset is a true game-changer.

The standout feature of this headset is its 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers. These drivers work harmoniously to deliver an authentic 7.1 surround sound experience that sets it apart from its competitors. Each speaker is strategically positioned to bring out the details in every audio cue, providing gamers with a competitive edge when it matters most.

Plug-and-Play USB Audio Station for Effortless Control

Connecting the ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset is a breeze, thanks to the included USB audio station. Acting as a sound card, this compact device allows for easy plug-and-play functionality. No complicated installation processes or software downloads required. Simply connect the USB station to your PC, and you’re ready to dive into the action.

But the USB audio station offers more than just convenience. Equipped with in-game audio controls, it gives you the power to fine-tune your gaming soundscape on the fly. No need to tab out or fumble with external software. The intuitive control scheme ensures that you stay focused on the game, seamlessly adjusting audio profiles and volumes to suit your playstyle without missing a beat.

Immerse Yourself in Tailored Audio Profiles

One of the most impressive features of the ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset is its four game-audio spectrum profiles. Designed in collaboration with industry experts, these profiles optimize the audio output for different gaming genres. Whether you’re engaged in a high-stakes FPS battle, racing through intense tracks, or embarking on an epic RPG adventure, you can trust that the ASUS STRIX 7.1 will deliver an immersive audio experience tailored to your game of choice.

Silencing the Noise for Crystal-Clear Communication

Noisy environments can wreak havoc on communication, leaving you frustrated and disconnected from your teammates. The ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset tackles this issue head-on with its 90% environmental noise cancellation technology. Say goodbye to distractions and focus on what matters – effective team coordination and strategy.

With its impressive frequency response range of 20 to 20000 Hz, every detail of your game’s audio will be crystal clear. From heart-pounding explosions to subtle environmental cues, you won’t miss a single sound. The headset’s exceptional sensitivity of -40 dB ensures that your voice is transmitted loud and clear, allowing for seamless communication with your squad.


The ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset, in its sleek and commanding black design, is a must-have for passionate gamers seeking the ultimate audio experience. With its 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers, plug-and-play USB audio station, tailored audio profiles, and superior noise cancellation technology, this headset takes your gaming to the next level.

Investing in the ASUS STRIX 7.1 Gaming Headset means investing in competitive advantage and unforgettable gaming moments. So, buckle up, put on the headset, and prepare to be transported into a world where every sound matters.

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