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Enhanced Autophix OM126P Scanner: Diagnose Engine Faults

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Autophix OBD2 Scanner Enhanced OM126P: A Powerful Car Diagnostic Tool

When it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in your car, you need a reliable and efficient tool that can provide accurate data and help you fix the problem quickly. The Autophix OBD2 Scanner Enhanced OM126P is a must-have device for any car owner or professional mechanic. With its powerful features and user-friendly design, it stands out among other OBD car code readers in the market.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Functions

The Autophix OM126P offers 14 special functions in 1 car reader, allowing you to read and erase stored emission-related codes, pending codes, and show code definitions. It also provides data stream, freeze frame, on-board monitoring, and displays vital vehicle information. Additionally, it supports the EVAP system test, enabling you to initiate a leak test for your vehicle’s EVAP system and identify troubleshooting related to fuel efficiency and emissions.

Professional Check Engine Tool

With the OM126P, you can read and erase trouble codes that can cause emission problems in your vehicle within seconds. It accurately determines the check engine light (MIL) and resets the monitor, saving you time and money on unnecessary repairs. Furthermore, it features a DTC lookup library, allowing you to find related code definitions to help you determine if your car needs immediate attention.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

One of the standout features of the Autophix OM126P is its ability to comprehensively diagnose data from your car. It displays graphical data streams such as calculated load values, engine coolant temperature, intake manifold absolute pressure, vehicle speed, and much more. It also supports data comparison, making it easier to diagnose various vehicle conditions and analyze freeze frame parameters.

HD Color Screen and Efficient Hot-Keys

The OM126P is equipped with a 2.4″ TFT 262K true color LCD display screen that clearly indicates test results. Its silicone keypad provides easy access to each menu option, and the I/M Readiness hotkey allows you to check the state of emission readiness and drive cycle verification. This scanner also retrieves a wealth of car information without the hassle of recording or buying matched parts.

Strong Compatibility and User-Friendly Design

The Autophix OM126P works on all OBD II and CAN protocols, making it compatible with all vehicle models released after 1996. It supports 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and Russian, making it accessible to users from different countries. The ergonomic design with a unique black shell grip provides a firm and secure user experience, while its compact appearance allows for easy storage.

Additional Benefits and Warranty

In addition to its impressive features, the Autophix OM126P comes with a 5-year warranty and 60-day free returns for refund or replacement. It requires no battery or charger, and it supports lifetime free software updating. It also allows you to review and print diagnostic reports from the Auto fix via connection to a computer via USB (for Windows 7/8/10 ONLY). If you have any compatibility concerns, the manufacturer provides excellent customer support.

Overall, the Autophix OBD2 Scanner Enhanced OM126P is a powerful and reliable car diagnostic tool. Its comprehensive diagnostic functions, user-friendly design, and strong compatibility make it an essential tool for any car owner or mechanic. With its impressive warranty and additional benefits, it offers great value for money. Invest in the Autophix OM126P, and keep your car running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

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