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Blackvue 2CH Car DVR Kit: Power Magic Pro + 16GB SD

Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH with Power Magic Pro Hardwire Kit/2-Channel 1080P Full HD Car Dvr...
  • Dual STARVIS sensors in full HD 1080P (front 60/ rear 30 frames per second). built-in microphone, High-Capacity Memory Card Support (up to 128GB)
  • Various Recording Modes, Motion Detection in Parking Mode Recording, 360 rotation cylinder in sleek design, Full HD label
  • Universal File Format: MP4, Video Playback on various devices, BlackVue App and software PC), MyWay Viewer
  • Blackvue-over-the-cloud capable! Built-in GPS and G-sensor, voice guide, 3-color LEDs, Video out, resolved heat issue
  • 16GB SD card, power Magic Pro.WiFi:Built-in (802.11n (2.4 − 2.4835 GHz))
  • Camera - Front & Rear : STARVIS CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)

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Dual STARVIS sensors for exceptional video clarity

The Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH is equipped with dual STARVIS sensors that provide stunning full HD 1080P recordings. These imaging sensors are known for their exceptional video clarity even in low light conditions. Whether you’re driving during the day or letting your BlackVue monitor your parked vehicle at night, you can rest assured that this dashcam will capture critical details with unparalleled clarity.

Keep an eye on your car from anywhere with over-the-cloud service

With the free over-the-cloud add-on service, you can conveniently check on your car from anywhere and at any time. This feature allows you to remotely access your dashcam’s footage and live view via the BlackVue app or software on your PC. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply away from your vehicle, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can always monitor your car.

Various recording modes for versatile use

The Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH offers various recording modes to suit your needs. It has a motion detection feature in parking mode recording, ensuring that any movement around your vehicle is captured. This is particularly useful in situations where you want to monitor your parked car for potential incidents. Additionally, the dashcam features a 360° rotation cylinder in a sleek design, allowing for easy adjustment and positioning.

Convenient file format and playback options

With the universal file format MP4, you can easily playback your recordings on various devices without the need for additional software or conversions. The BlackVue app and software for PC also provide a user-friendly interface for reviewing your footage. Additionally, the MyWay Viewer allows you to access and manage your recordings with ease.

Built-in GPS, G-sensor, and advanced features

This dashcam is packed with advanced features that enhance its functionality. It includes a built-in GPS and G-sensor, which provide important data such as location and impact information. The voice guide feature ensures that you receive helpful prompts and notifications during operation. The three-color LEDs provide clear visual indications, while the video out feature allows you to connect the dashcam to external displays for convenient playback.

Power Magic Pro and 16GB SD card included

The Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH comes with a power Magic Pro hardwire kit, enabling you to hardwire the dashcam to your vehicle’s power source for continuous operation. This eliminates the need to rely on the car’s cigarette lighter socket and ensures that the dashcam functions seamlessly. Additionally, the included 16GB SD card provides ample storage space for your recordings.

In conclusion, the Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH is an exceptional 2-channel car DVR recorder. Its dual STARVIS sensors deliver unparalleled video clarity, while the over-the-cloud service allows you to monitor your car from anywhere. With various recording modes, convenient playback options, built-in GPS and G-sensors, and advanced features, this dashcam offers everything you need for reliable and comprehensive car surveillance. Plus, the inclusion of the power Magic Pro and a 16GB SD card make it a complete package. Invest in the Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH and enjoy peace of mind on the road!

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