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Booooom Classroom Rug 7’6″x13′ Non-Slip Seating Carpet

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Booooom Jackson Classroom Carpet: A Colorful and Fun Seating Solution

Booooom Jackson believes that play is the best way of learning. What we are making is more than a carpet but a reliable friend to the children. Each carpet is designed and manufactured with care and love.

A Safe and Comfortable Learning Environment

The Booooom Jackson seating classroom rug is made of polyester material on the surface and thickened latex material on the back, ensuring the safety of children. It provides a comfortable and colorful environment for children to learn and play. The non-slip backing keeps the rug securely in place, preventing slips and falls.

A Durable and Practical Addition to Any Classroom

This classroom rug helps to define individual spaces for students, keeping them organized and on task. It also reduces noise, creating a more peaceful learning environment. The soft and non-slippery surface of the rug provides a comfortable space for students to sit and play on.

Add Some Color and Fun to Your Classroom

Looking for the perfect decorative addition to your classroom? Look no further than the colorful seating classroom rug! With its colorful abstract circle design, this carpet adds brightness and fun to any learning environment. It’s the perfect way to liven up dreary classroom time and give your students an advantage in their studies.

Promote Order and Efficiency in Your Classroom

The Booooom Jackson seating classroom rug creates a designated seating area for students, reducing the likelihood of them wandering around or sitting in inappropriate places. It also acts as a visual aid for teachers to better organize their classroom and deliver lessons in a more efficient manner.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our classroom carpets are designed with your satisfaction in mind. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and welcome any questions or feedback you may have regarding our kid rug. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns or suggestions.

Keep Your Rug Looking Fresh and Neat

Due to the nature of carpet materials and manufacturing processes, it is possible for hook and loop fasteners to cause snagging or hooking on the carpet fibers. Simply run the Fabric Shaver gently over the affected area, and it will effectively remove the snags, leaving your carpet looking smooth and neat.


The Booooom Jackson Classroom Carpet is not just a rug, it’s a tool for creating a safe, comfortable, and organized learning environment. Its colorful design adds vibrancy to any classroom, while its non-slip backing ensures the safety of students. With outstanding customer service and a commitment to quality, Booooom Jackson is a brand you can trust. Invest in the Booooom Jackson Classroom Carpet and give your students the advantage they need to succeed.

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