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BOSCH RA1054 Router Guide – Deluxe Edition

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The Bosch RA1054 Deluxe Router Edge Guide with Dust Extraction Hood & Vacuum Hose Adapter is a game-changer when it comes to versatility and precision in woodworking. With its impressive features and functional design, this router edge guide is a must-have for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts.

Multi Use

One of the standout features of the Bosch RA1054 is its ability to cut along the workpiece edge or up to 8 inches from the edge. This means that you have the freedom to work with non-piloted bits and easily create beautifully finished edges. Whether you’re crafting intricate designs or working on a larger project, this edge guide will provide the accuracy and control you need.


Precision is key in woodworking, and the RA1054 does not disappoint. With its fine-adjustment control, you can make precise adjustments to ensure that your cuts are accurate and clean. Say goodbye to trial and error and hello to professional-looking results.


Woodworking can be a messy job, but the Bosch RA1054 makes it easy to keep your work area clean. The included dust extraction hood and vacuum hose adapter allow you to connect to 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch, and 35 mm hoses, effectively capturing dust and debris as you work. This not only keeps your workspace tidy but also promotes better air quality in your workshop.

Kit Contents

The Bosch RA1054 Deluxe Router Edge Guide comes with everything you need to get started. In addition to the router guide itself, the kit includes a pivot plate, dust extraction hood, vacuum hose adapter, and attachment hardware. This comprehensive package ensures that you have all the necessary tools to achieve professional results.


The RA1054 is compatible with a wide range of Bosch routers, including 1617, 1617EVS, 1617EVSPK, 1618, 1618EVS, 1619EVS, MRF23EVS, MRP23EVS, MRC23EVSK, PR011, 1611, 1611EVS, 1613EVS, 1613AEVS, 1615, 1615EVS, RA1160, RA1161, RA1162, RA1166, MRF01, MRP01, and PR01. This versatility ensures that you can use the edge guide with your preferred Bosch router model.

In conclusion, the Bosch RA1054 Deluxe Router Edge Guide with Dust Extraction Hood & Vacuum Hose Adapter is a must-have tool for any woodworker or DIY enthusiast. Its multi-use capabilities, precise adjustments, functional design, complete kit contents, and wide compatibility make it an invaluable addition to any workshop. With this edge guide, you can take your woodworking projects to the next level and achieve professional results with ease.

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