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Review: Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less

In today’s fast-paced business world, being a lean communicator is crucial to your success. With the constant barrage of emails, text messages, and meetings, it’s important to get your message across quickly and effectively. That’s where Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less comes in.

Written by Joe McCormack, founder and CEO of Sheffield Marketing Partners, Brief tackles the challenges that every professional faces in a world filled with distractions. McCormack’s B.R.I.E.F. approach, which stands for Background, Relevance, Information, Ending, and Follow up, provides a simple and concise framework for communicating your ideas.

One of the standout features of Brief is its emphasis on simplifying and clarifying complex information. McCormack provides practical tips and techniques for summarizing lengthy documents, telling a short and compelling story, and harnessing the power of infographics and videos. This is especially valuable in an age where attention spans are shrinking and people are constantly bombarded with information.

What sets Brief apart is McCormack’s expertise in Narrative Mapping, a technique that helps clients achieve a clearer and more concise message. This unique approach allows readers to not only improve their communication skills but also to stand out from the crowd. By eliminating wasteful words and getting straight to the point, professionals can make a bigger impact and capture the attention of their audience.

The book is well-structured and easy to follow, with each chapter focusing on a specific aspect of the B.R.I.E.F. approach. McCormack provides real-life examples and case studies, making it easy for readers to apply the concepts to their own communication challenges. The writing style is accessible and engaging, making it suitable for professionals of all levels.

One of the things that impressed me most about Brief is the emphasis on visual communication. McCormack recognizes the power of visuals in delivering a message and provides practical advice on how to use infographics and videos effectively. This is a valuable skill for anyone looking to make a bigger impact in their presentations and meetings.

Overall, Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less is a must-read for professionals looking to improve their communication skills. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or just starting out in your career, this book offers valuable insights and practical techniques that can be applied immediately. By following the B.R.I.E.F. approach, professionals can become lean communicators and make a lasting impression in a crowded and attention-deficient world.

So, if you’re ready to eliminate wasteful words and stand out from the rest, I highly recommend diving into Brief. Be better. Be brief.

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