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Introducing BrilliantPad: Self-Cleaning Indoor Dog Potty!

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Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with the BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty. This innovative product takes the hassle out of potty training your puppy or providing a solution for small dogs under 25 pounds who rely on pads. With its self-cleaning and automatic advance features, this machine is a game-changer when it comes to indoor potty training.

Effortless Self-Cleaning
One of the standout features of the BrilliantPad is its self-cleaning mechanism. Using advanced technology, this machine automatically seals in waste, preventing any unpleasant odors from permeating your home. You can set it to advance and renew the pad one, two, or three times a day, ensuring a clean and fresh surface for your pup. Alternatively, you can manually advance the pad if your dog needs it more frequently. The built-in smart sensor ensures that the motor won’t start if your dog is on the machine, keeping them safe during the cleaning process.

Long-Lasting and Absorbent Pads
The BrilliantPad comes with premium pad rolls that are made of five layers of durable and super absorbent material. Each pad roll is the equivalent of 27 traditional puppy pads, providing long-lasting usage. Not only will you save money on constantly buying new pads, but you’ll also reduce waste and environmental impact. The absorbent material quickly locks in moisture and neutralizes odors, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

Perfect Size for Small Dogs
Designed specifically for puppies and smaller dogs, the BrilliantPad is ideal for those weighing under 25 pounds. It provides a comfortable and hygienic potty solution for your furry friend, ensuring they have a safe and clean space to relieve themselves. However, it’s important to note that this product is not suitable for adult dogs who do not use pads.

Convenient and Compact Design
Weighing only 10 pounds and measuring 34 x 24 x 6 inches, the BrilliantPad is the perfect size for any indoor living space. It effortlessly blends into your home decor without taking up too much room. The energy-efficient UL-rated power supply is included, providing peace of mind and reducing your environmental footprint.

The BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty is a must-have for anyone potty training a puppy or caring for a small dog. Its self-cleaning and automatic advance features make it easy to maintain a clean and odor-free home. With its long-lasting and absorbent pad rolls, you’ll save money and reduce waste. The convenient size and compact design ensure a seamless fit into any living space. Say goodbye to traditional puppy pads and hello to a more efficient and hygienic indoor potty solution with the BrilliantPad.

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