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Brunswick Bowling: Innovative Products

Brunswick Products Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball 8lb, Pink/Black, 8 lb
  • Introducing viz-a-ball from Brunswick: this ball also glows when bowled with under the black light; bowling balls with exclusive 360 degree, limited edition graphics;
  • This bowling ball is perfect for the recreational Bowler or beginner; this also works well for experienced bowlers who want to Throw the ball Straight at spares;
  • This ball is made of a high quality polyester material and the Actual image is embedded into the surface of the ball;
  • We also have matching heart bags, towels, wrist supports, shoe covers and more; simply type heart in the product search

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Introducing the Viz-A-Ball from Brunswick: Fun and Functional for Every Bowler

Brunswick Viz-A-Ball

If you are looking to step up your bowling game or simply enjoy a fun night out with friends, the Viz-A-Ball from Brunswick is the perfect choice. Packed with exciting features and unique designs, this bowling ball is guaranteed to bring a new level of excitement to your bowling experience.

Glowing Under Black Light – A Mesmerizing Sight

What sets the Viz-A-Ball apart from traditional bowling balls is its ability to glow brilliantly under black lights. As soon as you release the ball down the lane, it comes to life with stunning colors and designs. Whether you are playing in a dimly lit bowling alley or a cosmic bowling event, the Viz-A-Ball adds an extra element of thrill to your game. Say goodbye to dull and boring bowling sessions!

Aesthetic Appeal with Limited Edition Graphics

The Viz-A-Ball showcases exclusive 360-degree limited edition graphics, making each ball a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With a wide selection of eye-catching designs to choose from, you can express your personality and stand out on the lanes. The actual images are not simply printed on the surface; they are embedded into the high-quality polyester material, ensuring durability that lasts countless games.

Perfect for Bowlers of All Skill Levels

Whether you are new to bowling or a seasoned pro, the Viz-A-Ball caters to all skill levels. Beginners will appreciate its straight-shooting abilities, which make it easier to hit those pesky spares. Experienced bowlers can also benefit from its predictability, allowing them to confidently aim for those hard-to-reach pins without worrying about excessive hook or curve. The Viz-A-Ball truly offers a versatile and reliable experience for bowlers of all backgrounds.

Dive into Bowling with Quality Craftsmanship

Made from high-quality polyester material, the Viz-A-Ball ensures durability and longevity. The embedded images are resistant to wear and tear, maintaining their vibrant appearance even after countless games. Whether you play occasionally or bowl on a regular basis, you can rely on this ball to accompany you on your bowling journey.

With its impressive features, durable construction, and unique design options, the Brunswick Viz-A-Ball is a must-have for any bowler seeking a memorable experience. Let the glowing colors and limited edition graphics transform your bowling nights into unforgettable moments. Get your hands on a Viz-A-Ball today and bring a touch of magic to the lanes!

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