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Rhino Reactive Bowling Ball – Magenta/Purple/Navy 11lbs

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The Perfect Bowling Ball for Beginners

If you’re looking to enter the world of bowling or want a ball for lighter to medium oil conditions, look no further than the Brunswick Rhino Reactive PRE-DRILLED Bowling Ball. This stunning Magenta/Purple/Navy ball is not only visually striking but also packed with features that make it an excellent choice for bowlers of all skill levels.

A Balance of Power and Control

The secret behind the Brunswick Rhino Reactive ball’s impressive performance lies in its R-16 reactive coverstock. This latest formulation strikes the perfect balance between power and control. With this coverstock, you can expect easy length and backend hook motion without the extreme sensitivity to dry and oily parts of the lane. So no matter the conditions you’re facing, you can rely on the Rhino to deliver consistent performance.

A Core Designed for Strikes

Equipped with a traditional light bulb core shape, the Brunswick Rhino Reactive ball offers outstanding ball motion and impressive pin action. This core shape ensures that your shots are precise and powerful, increasing the likelihood of strikes and higher scores. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bowler, you’ll appreciate the enhanced ball motion provided by this well-designed core.

Consistency Across Weights

Brunswick takes lightweight ball engineering to the next level. With the Rhino, each individual ball’s unique core shape is used for weights ranging from 12 to 16 pounds. This approach ensures that bowlers receive consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range. No matter the weight you choose, you can expect reliable performance and an enjoyable bowling experience.

Impressive Specifications

The Brunswick Rhino Reactive PRE-DRILLED Bowling Ball boasts some impressive specifications. With a Core Type of Light Bulb, Coverstock of R-16 Reactive, and Finishing Steps of 500 Siaair/Royal Compound/Royal Shine, this ball is designed to perform at its best. Available in weights ranging from 10 to 16 pounds, it offers an ideal range for bowlers of different strengths and sizes. The RG Max is 2.554, RG Min is 2.524, and the RG Differential is 0.031, allowing for excellent control and accuracy on the lanes.

The Brunswick Rhino Reactive: Your Ultimate Bowling Companion

Whether you’re just starting your bowling journey or looking for a trusted ball for lighter to medium oil conditions, the Brunswick Rhino Reactive PRE-DRILLED Bowling Ball is the perfect choice. With its balance of power and control, versatile core design, and consistent performance across different weights, this ball offers everything you need to improve your game and have fun on the lanes. Take the plunge and experience the thrill of using this exceptional bowling ball!

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