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Brunswick Rhino Magenta/Purple/Navy Bowling Ball (12lbs)

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The Perfect Bowling Ball for Beginners and Lighter Oil Conditions

Bowling is a game of strategy, precision, and skill. And if you’re just starting your bowling journey or looking for a ball that performs exceptionally well in lighter to medium oil conditions, then look no further than the Brunswick Rhino Reactive Pre-Drilled Bowling Ball in Magenta/Purple/Navy.

Designed with beginners and casual bowlers in mind, this bowling ball is pre-drilled, saving you the hassle of having to customize it yourself. It comes in a range of sizes, each carefully tailored to match the weight of the ball, ensuring optimal performance.

A Perfect Balance Between Power and Control

One of the standout features of the Brunswick Rhino Reactive is its R-16 reactive coverstock. This innovative formulation strikes the perfect balance between power and control, delivering consistent results with each throw.

The R-16 formula is designed to provide easy length and backend hook motion, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the dry and oily parts of the lane. Unlike some other reactive resin balls, the Brunswick Rhino Reactive isn’t overly sensitive to lane conditions, making it a versatile option for a wide range of players.

Outstanding Ball Motion and Impressive Pin Action

When it comes to ball motion and pin action, the Brunswick Rhino Reactive doesn’t disappoint. Its traditional light bulb core shape ensures exceptional ball motion, giving you the control you need to hit your target with precision.

Whether you’re aiming for a strike or trying to pick up a spare, this bowling ball delivers impressive pin action, increasing your chances of achieving higher scores. You’ll feel the satisfying thud as the ball connects with the pins, leaving you eager for your next throw.

Consistent Ball Reaction Across Different Weights

At Brunswick, each individual ball weight from 12 to 16 pounds features a unique core shape. This approach to lightweight ball engineering guarantees consistent ball reaction characteristics within this weight range.

Whether you opt for a 12-pound ball or go for the heaviest 16-pound option, you can trust that the Brunswick Rhino Reactive will deliver a reliable and predictable performance. This consistency allows you to focus on your technique and strategy, without worrying about fluctuations in ball behavior.

Packed With Impressive Specs

The Brunswick Rhino Reactive Pre-Drilled Bowling Ball boasts impressive specifications that further elevate its performance. With a maximum RG of 2.554, a minimum RG of 2.524, and a differential of 0.032, this ball is designed to maximize your chances of achieving the perfect shot.

The finishing steps include 500 Siaair, Royal Compound, and Royal Shine, ensuring a smooth and polished surface for enhanced ball reaction and control. These careful finishing processes contribute to the overall excellence of the bowling ball.


The Brunswick Rhino Reactive Pre-Drilled Bowling Ball in Magenta/Purple/Navy is the ideal choice for beginners and those looking to up their game in lighter to medium oil conditions. With its balanced power and control, outstanding ball motion, consistent reaction across different weights, and impressive specifications, this bowling ball is a must-have for any serious bowler.

So why wait? Step up your game, conquer the lanes, and experience the joy of knocking down those pins with precision and finesse. Get your Brunswick Rhino Reactive today and start making strikes like a pro!

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