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Glowing Brunswick Shark Viz-A-Ball

Brunswick Shark Glow PRE-DRILLED Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball (8lbs)
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Brunswick Shark Glow PRE-DRILLED Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball (8lbs)
  • This bowling ball ships PRE-DRILLED
  • There are 5 sizes and the sizes that we drill are based on the weight of the ball
  • X-Small: 6lbs- Ages 8 and under, Small: 8lbs and 9lbs- Ages 8-11 and womens ring size from 8-11, Medium: 10lbs, 11lbs, and 12lbs, Ages 11-15 and Adult Ring size 10 or lower, Large: 13lbs and 14lbs, Mens ring size 10-12 or people with larger hands, X-Large: 15lbs and 16lbs, Mens ring size over 13 or people with extremely large hands

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Introducing the Brunswick Shark Glow PRE-DRILLED Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

Looking for a unique and eye-catching bowling ball that will make you stand out on the lanes? Look no further than the Brunswick Shark Glow PRE-DRILLED Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball! With its exclusive 360-degree limited edition graphics and glowing effect under blacklight, this ball is sure to turn heads and amp up your bowling game.

Unleash Your Inner Shark

The Brunswick Shark Glow Viz-A-Ball is not your average bowling ball. With its fierce and captivating shark design, it’s perfect for those who want to channel their inner predator on the lanes. Whether you’re a casual bowler or a seasoned pro, this ball will make a statement and inspire confidence with every throw.

Customized Sizes for Optimal Performance

When it comes to bowling balls, size and weight matter. That’s why the Brunswick Shark Glow Viz-A-Ball comes in 5 different sizes, each meticulously drilled based on the weight of the ball. This ensures that you get the perfect fit and optimal performance for your game.

  • X-Small: 6lbs – Perfect for kids aged 8 and under
  • Small: 8lbs and 9lbs – Ideal for kids aged 8-11 and women with ring sizes from 8-11
  • Medium: 10lbs, 11lbs, and 12lbs – Recommended for ages 11-15 and adults with ring size 10 or lower
  • Large: 13lbs and 14lbs – Designed for men with ring sizes 10-12 or individuals with larger hands
  • X-Large: 15lbs and 16lbs – Specifically crafted for men with ring sizes over 13 or those with extremely large hands

If you prefer a different size from the one you selected, simply contact us via email with your order number and we’ll make the necessary adjustments. However, please note that pre-drilled bowling balls cannot be returned or exchanged.

A Ball That Glows Like No Other

What sets the Brunswick Shark Glow Viz-A-Ball apart from the rest is its mesmerizing glow under blacklight. Whether you’re playing in a bowling center or displaying it in your home or office, this ball truly comes to life in the dark, creating a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Prepare to have all eyes on you!

Built for Performance and Versatility

Don’t let its striking appearance fool you – the Brunswick Shark Glow Viz-A-Ball is not just a pretty face. Its plastic/polyester coverstock and high-gloss polish ensure durability and a smooth glide across the lane, while its low hook potential of 25 makes it suitable for any lane conditions. Whether you’re facing oily or dry patterns, this ball has got you covered.

When it comes to finding the perfect bowling ball, the Brunswick Shark Glow PRE-DRILLED Viz-A-Ball delivers on all fronts. From its jaw-dropping graphics to its outstanding performance, this ball is a true game-changer. So, why settle for anything less when you can unleash the beast and dominate the lanes with this incredible bowling ball?

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