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Brunswick – Start with Confidence

Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball, Sky Blue/Pink/Snow, Size 8
  • Brunswick has a new twist on ball reaction
  • We have combined our Proven gear will-16 reactive with the new twist low diff core to create easy length with a strong and controllable backend reaction on drier lane conditions
  • The twist is sure to appeal to bowlers of all ages and skill levels
  • Country of Origin:Mexico

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The Twist: A Game-Changing Bowling Ball for Newer Bowlers

Are you a budding bowler looking to step up your game? Look no further than the BrunswickBrunswick Twist. With its proven cover and performance core combination, this ball brings both affordability and quality to the lane. It’s the perfect upgrade from plastic balls, offering a world of difference in your game without breaking the bank.

A Design That Ensures Performance

One of the standout features of the BrunswickBrunswick Twist is its clever design. The ball has been meticulously crafted to provide bowlers with enhanced control and optimal performance. Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking for a competitive edge, this ball will undoubtedly deliver.

Proven Coverstock

The Twist’s coverstock is tried and tested, making it a reliable choice for both amateurs and professionals alike. It offers excellent grip on the lane, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of hitting your mark. The ball’s responsive nature provides a satisfying motion that will give you the confidence to take your aim with precision.

Performance Core

At the heart of the BrunswickBrunswick Twist lies its performance core, which is responsible for its remarkable performance. This core has been designed to provide optimal energy transfer upon release, resulting in a powerful and consistent roll. Whether you’re aiming for spares or strikes, this ball will help you achieve the results you desire.

An Affordable Upgrade

If you’re looking to upgrade from plastic balls but have been hesitant due to the high cost of quality equipment, the BrunswickBrunswick Twist is the ideal solution. The Twist offers exceptional value for its price, giving newer bowlers access to a high-performance ball that won’t empty their wallets. It’s a game-changer that allows you to improve your skills without compromising on quality.

Suitable for Everyone

Whether you’re a casual bowler or aspire to become a professional, the BrunswickBrunswick Twist will meet your bowling needs. It’s a versatile ball that adapts to different lane conditions, ensuring that you can consistently perform your best. Its width of 21.59 cm and height of 23.495 cm make it suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.


The BrunswickBrunswick Twist is a top-notch bowling ball that ticks all the boxes for newer bowlers seeking an affordable upgrade. Its proven coverstock and performance core combination offer a level of performance that will undoubtedly elevate your game. With its excellent grip, responsive motion, and exceptional value, this ball is a must-have for any aspiring bowler. So why wait? Take a twist with the BrunswickBrunswick Twist and unleash your full potential on the bowling alley!

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