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Bug-Free Bliss: California Baby Natural Citronella & Lemongrass Spray

California Baby Natural Bug Repellent Spray | Citronella & Lemongrass Bug Spray | DEET-Free | Repels Mosquitoes and...
  • EFFECTIVE, DEET-FREE FORMULA: Our award-winning Natural Bug Spray harnesses the power of citronella and lemongrass essential oils which smell lovely to humans but effectively repel annoying mosquitoes and insects. Repellency is based on scent, reapply every 30 minutes.!
  • SAFE FOR BABIES 6 MONTHS AND OLDER: We only use essential oils to repel bugs - no harsh chemicals. This DEET-free formula is safe for babies over 6 months. Safe for head-to-toe use.
  • BEAUTIFUL CITRONELLA AND LEMONGRASS SCENT: Most bug sprays have a toxic, cough inducing scent. Our Bug Spray for kids harnesses the power of citronella, lemongrass, and cedar pure essential oils for a scent that smells beautiful and also effectively repels bugs.
  • STRICTLY ALLERGY TESTED: Our Baby Bug Spray is free of common allergens like gluten, soy, sesame, oat, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts (except coconut). No risk of cross-contamination with those allergens.
  • TRUSTED SINCE 1995: California Baby was developed by a mother over 28 years ago. All products are blended & manufactured in California Baby’s own FDA Registered manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. California Baby is proudly family owned & operated.

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California Baby Natural Bug Repellent Spray is a game-changer when it comes to keeping pesky bugs at bay. As a parent, finding a safe and effective bug spray for my children is always a top priority. This DEET-free formula ticks all the boxes and more.

First and foremost, what sets this bug spray apart from others on the market is its use of essential oils instead of harsh chemicals. We all know that DEET can be harmful, especially for little ones, so it’s a relief to find a product that doesn’t contain any. California Baby Natural Bug Repellent Spray uses a combination of citronella, lemongrass, and cedar pure essential oils to effectively repel mosquitoes and bugs. It’s a natural and safe alternative that provides peace of mind for parents.

One of the standout features of this bug spray is its beautiful scent. Unlike other bug sprays that have a strong, cough-inducing odor, California Baby has managed to create a formula that smells pleasant and refreshing. The citronella and lemongrass oils give it a light and citrusy aroma that is far from overpowering. It’s a scent that not only repels bugs but also delights the senses. Say goodbye to the harsh chemical smell and hello to a more enjoyable bug-fighting experience.

Safety is key when it comes to products for children, and California Baby understands that. This bug spray has been strictly allergy tested, making it suitable for children with sensitivities. It is free from common allergens such as gluten, soy, sesame, oat, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts (except coconut). Cross-contamination is not a concern here, as the brand takes great care in ensuring its products are safe for all.

Established in 1995 by a mother looking for safe and natural options for her own children, California Baby has been a trusted brand for over two decades. All their products are blended and manufactured in their own FDA Registered manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. As a family-owned and operated company, California Baby’s commitment to providing families with safe and effective products is evident in every bottle.

The California Baby Natural Bug Repellent Spray comes in a convenient 59 mL (2 fl. oz.) size, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you’re heading to the park, camping, or simply enjoying time outdoors, this travel-friendly bottle will fit easily into your bag or pocket. It’s a must-have for every parent, especially during the summer months when bugs are most active.

In conclusion, California Baby Natural Bug Repellent Spray is a standout product in the world of bug sprays. Its use of essential oils, allergy-friendly formula, and delightful scent make it a top choice for parents looking to protect their children from bugs without harsh chemicals. With its trusted reputation and commitment to safety, California Baby has once again delivered a high-quality product that families can rely on. Don’t let bugs ruin your outdoor adventures – arm yourself with California Baby and enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind.

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