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Candellana Candles: Middle Finger Candle-Latte – Shockingly Unique!

Candellana Candles Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte
  • Package includes our unique and original first creation: one unscented hand candle showing the middle finger with grace and assertiveness. A great centerpiece to have at home to burn or appreciate- it will sure be a conversation topic among friends, family and guests.
  • makes a perfect gift because there really isnt anyone who would not receive this gift and laugh (or get offended, than you would laugh). This candle is so unique, you can give them to everyone: Boss- shows you should have gotten that raise, boyfriend- shows how much you really (we mean really) love him, dad- shows you have no daddy issues, siblings- shows how much you love them, friends- a true friend would always tell the other to F Off.
  • The best value: Our candles entices the curiosity of all the fellows who will be dying to burn them, but will be extremely hesitant to do so after all, who wants to light a candle so pretty and fun? If you wish to burn it, it usually goes up to 30 hours.
  • Made with renewable wax using a 100% cotton wick. Our candle is kid and pet-friendly because is completely dye and toxin free, so it burns cleaner than any candle you can find.
  • Carefully designed, hand poured and painted in Europe with extreme love and passion! We use 100 pct European raw materials. Satisfaction guarantee: If you don’t like our candle, just let us know and we will refund your purchase. Made in Europe.

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The Perfect Blend of Humor and Design

Have you ever come across a product that combines impeccable design with a healthy dose of humor? Well, look no further than the Candellana Candles Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte. This unique and captivating candle is a true testament to the creative minds behind Candellana Candles. With its modern and classy collection, they have managed to create something truly exceptional and unforgettable.

A Gift that Evokes Laughter or Offense (in a Good Way!)

Searching for the perfect gift can often be a daunting task, but the Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte has managed to crack the code. This candle is so unique that it’s practically impossible to find someone who wouldn’t appreciate it. Whether it’s your boss, your boyfriend, your dad, your siblings, or your friends, this candle can convey a plethora of emotions. It’s a humorous way of expressing love, appreciation, or even a gentle “F Off.”

A Candle Worth Preserving

What sets the Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte apart from other candles is its ability to simultaneously entice and waver its users. The stunning appearance of this candle will undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention, making them curious to light it. However, the fear of ruining such an exquisite piece might hold them back. Nevertheless, if you choose to light it, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of its warm glow and delightful fragrance.

Crafted with Care and Safety in Mind

Candellana Candles believes in creating products that not only captivate but also prioritize safety. The Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte is made with renewable wax and features a 100% cotton wick, ensuring that it burns cleanly without any toxins or dyes. This makes it a kid and pet-friendly option for households concerned about their loved ones’ well-being. With a meticulous design process and hand-poured craftsmanship in Europe, you can be sure that this candle is a true labor of love.

A Promise of Satisfaction

Candellana Candles stands behind the quality and appeal of their products. In fact, they are so confident in the Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte that they offer a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not enamored with this candle, they will happily refund your purchase. By committing to customer satisfaction, Candellana Candles proves that they are not just selling a product, but an experience.

In conclusion, the Candellana Candles Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte is a truly exceptional creation that seamlessly blends humor, design, and functionality. Its ability to evoke laughter or offense (in a good way) makes it a truly versatile gift that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives it. The high-quality craftsmanship, use of renewable materials, and commitment to customer satisfaction showcase the dedication and passion of Candellana Candles. So, why settle for a regular candle when you can have one that tells a story and brings a smile to your face? Indulge in the unique experience and embrace the charm of the Candellana-Middle Finger Candle-Latte.

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