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Whoop-Ass! Now in 24 Cans.

Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass!
2 Reviews
Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass!
  • Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass!
  • Open a Gag Can of Whoop-Ass on Someone Today!
  • Give a Can to a Hothead Friend....
  • Great Gag Reward for Athletes/Workers/Sales People Who Perform Well!
  • True Contents: Inert Filler

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Review of Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass!

Unleash the Fun with a Can of Whoop-Ass!

Looking for the perfect gag gift to surprise your friends and associates? Look no further than the Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass! This genuine can of Whoop-Ass is bound to bring laughter and joy to any occasion.

An Unexpected Delight

Crack open one of these cans, and you’ll be met with surprise and laughter! It’s the ultimate gag gift that will surely find its place on the shelf or be regifted over and over again. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when they open this seemingly innocent can, only to discover the hilarious contents within!

Contents That Defy Expectations

While the Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass may look like a typical energy drink, it’s important to note that the contents are inert filler material. But don’t let that dissuade you! The true value of this product lies in the laughter and joy it brings.

A Gag that Keeps Giving

One can of Whoop-Ass is never enough! With 24 cans in a case, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to surprise your friends and loved ones with this hilarious gag gift. Whether you’re looking to lighten the mood at a gathering or simply want to bring a smile to someone’s face, the Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass has got you covered.

The Perfect Gag Gift for All Occasions

Looking to pull a prank on your hothead friend? Hand them a can of Whoop-Ass and watch their confusion turn into laughter. Want to reward athletes, workers, or salespeople who have performed well? A can of Whoop-Ass is the perfect way to acknowledge their achievements and bring the team together with some lighthearted humor.

Impressively designed, these cans look just like the real deal. From the vibrant label to the enticing promise of a can filled with Whoop-Ass, it’s a gift that adds an element of surprise and laughter to any gathering or celebration.


The Case of 24 Cans of Whoop-Ass is a must-have for anyone who loves a good laugh. With its inert filler contents and surprising appearance, it’s a gag gift that will never fail to bring a smile to people’s faces. Whether you’re looking to surprise your friends, reward your teammates, or simply add some laughter to your life, this case of Whoop-Ass has got you covered!


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