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ChiliSleep Cube: Perfect Sleep Solution! Control Your Temperature, Enhance Sleep!

ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System - ME & WE Zones - Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad - Individual Temperature Control,...
  • WATER-BASED SYSTEM: Utilizes an adjustable, water-based system to regulate the surface temperature of your existing mattress by actively circulating water through silicone micro-tubes in the pad, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment!
  • IMPROVED SLEEP: Sleep cooler all night long at a precise temperature to achieve the deep sleep you need to feel rested and restored. The Cube’s active temperature-management technology provides you with the most comfortable sleeping environment for quality and restorative sleep.
  • COOL MESH AND DUAL ZONE: The Cool Mesh side of the cooling mattress pad provides maximum cooling effect, while the quilted cotton-blend side produces cool comfort. Cover half the bed with a ME pad (single) or an entire bed with the WE pad (dual zone), which provides the ability to temperature regulate each side independently.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Create your ideal body’s ideal sleep environment with a thermostat for your bed. Use the wireless remote to set a precise sleep temperature. You can even set or change your bed temperature without having to get out of bed.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The pad connector can be placed at either end of your mattress to accommodate multiple bed frame styles, power source locations, and control unit access. Elastic straps allow the mattress pad to fit any mattress height, and the ME pad even works on split adjustable beds. The cooling mattress pad is 100% machine washable and dryable.

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ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System – A Revolutionary Sleep Enhancement Solution

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for overall well-being and productivity, and the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System is here to revolutionize your sleep routine. With its advanced cooling and heating technology, individual temperature control, and wireless remote integration, this sleep system promises to deliver the most comfortable and restorative sleep you’ve ever experienced.

Improved Sleep with Active Temperature-Management Technology

Say goodbye to restless nights and waking up feeling groggy. The ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System creates the perfect sleeping environment at a precise temperature, allowing you to achieve the deep sleep your body craves. Rest and restoration have never been easier.

Cool Mesh and Dual Zone Design

The cooling mattress pad features a dual-sided design to provide maximum cooling effect and unparalleled comfort. The Cool Mesh side ensures a refreshing and cool sleeping surface, while the quilted cotton-blend side adds a touch of luxury to your sleep experience. With the ME pad (single) or the WE pad (dual zone), you can even regulate the temperature independently on each side of the bed, catering to the individual preferences of you and your partner.

Create Your Ideal Sleep Environment with Ease

With the wireless remote control, you have the power to create your ideal sleep environment effortlessly. Set a precise sleep temperature without ever having to leave the comfort of your bed. Whether you prefer to sleep cooler or warmer, the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System gives you complete control at your fingertips.

Simple Installation and Universal Fit

The ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System is designed for convenience and versatility. The pad connector can be easily placed at either end of your mattress, ensuring compatibility with different bed frame styles and power source locations. Elastic straps make it effortless to fit the mattress pad to any mattress height, and the ME pad is even compatible with split adjustable beds. Plus, the cooling mattress pad is 100% machine washable and dryable, making maintenance a breeze.

A Valuable Sleep Enhancement Investment

Investing in the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System is investing in your overall well-being. By optimizing your sleep environment and providing personalized temperature control, this sleep system enhances your sleep quality, leaving you feeling refreshed, restored, and ready to take on the day. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to the best sleep of your life.

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