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Chocoinas – Chocolate Cookies (6 Pack) – Imported

  • Delicious milk chocolate flavor cookies.
  • Excellent choice for kids breakfast.
  • It works as a base ingridient for the delicious Argentinian Chocotorta.
  • Imported from Argentina. 170 g/6 oz each (6 pack)

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The Irresistible Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies

Are you looking for a delectable treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further because the Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies imported from Argentina is here to delight your taste buds. What sets these cookies apart from the rest are their unique features, exceptional flavor, and versatility that makes them perfect for various occasions.

Authentic Argentinian Excellence

Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies are proudly imported from Argentina, known for its culinary expertise and rich chocolate tradition. This ensures an authentic taste that transports you to the charming streets of Buenos Aires with every bite. Crafted with the finest ingredients, these cookies capture the essence of traditional Argentinian flavors.

A Perfect Addition to Breakfast

Looking for an excellent choice for your kids’ breakfast? Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies are the answer. These cookies are not just delicious, but they also provide the energy needed to kick start the day. With their rich chocolatey flavor and satisfying crunch, they make breakfast a delightful experience for everyone.

An Essential Ingredient for Argentinian Chocotorta

One of the best ways to enjoy Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies is by using them as a base ingredient for the mouthwatering Argentinian dessert, Chocotorta. With their perfect texture and intense flavor, these cookies bring the signature element to this beloved treat. Indulge in the creamy layers of dulce de leche and Chocolinas cookies, creating a sensational dessert that will leave you wanting more.

Convenient and Versatile

Each pack of Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies contains six individual portions, each weighing 170g/6oz, making it convenient for sharing or enjoying on your own. Whether you’re craving a sweet snack during a movie night or need a quick pick-me-up during a busy day, these cookies are the perfect companions. Their compact size allows you to take them anywhere, ensuring you never miss out on the chocolaty goodness.


In conclusion, Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies are a must-try for any chocolate lover. Imported directly from Argentina, these cookies offer an authentic and delicious taste that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires. Perfect for breakfast or as a versatile snack, they bring convenience and indulgence to your doorstep. Treat yourself to the heavenly combination of rich chocolate flavor and irresistible crunch. Order your pack of Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies today and experience the delightful taste of Argentina.

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