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CLEANHOME Multi-Purpose Dust Mop

CLEANHOME Dust Mop for Floor Cleaning with Different Washable Microfiber Mop Pads and Extendable 55” Long Handle,...
  • Economical and durable mop: This microfiber dust mop with 3 kinds of reusable refill mop pads, the chenille microfiber mop pad can quickly absorb lots of water, the twist microfiber mop pad can effectively remove dust of floor, and the full polyester microfiber replacement pad with better cleaning power, it can remove stains in cracks on the ground such as tiles,perfect for damp mopping and dry sweeping.
  • Extendable Long Handle: This telescopic pole can be adjusted from 45" to 55". This light weight mop friendly for ladies, the elderly, children and student.
  • Professional 3 kinds of floor cleaning mop pads: This mop suitable for all kinds of wooden floors, tile floors, marble floors, hardwood floors, laminate floors and so on. It can be used for Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning.
  • Easy installation and washable mop pads: Buckle design, remove the pad easily. These mop pads can be washed by machine. A good choice for kitchen floors, restaurant, bathroom, garages, warehouses, office,classroom and so on.
  • Flexible rotating 360 spin mop head: Easily clean the dust and dirty under the sofa, under the bed, and other corners.

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CLEANHOME Dust Mop: The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Floor Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your floors spotless, the CLEANHOME Dust Mop proves to be an indispensable tool. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, this versatile mop ensures a flawless cleaning experience on various surfaces, including hardwood, marble, and tile floors. Let’s explore the captivating features of this multifunctional cleaning companion.

Extendable Long Handle for Easy Maneuverability

One of the standout features of the CLEANHOME Dust Mop is its extendable long handle. This telescopic pole can be effortlessly adjusted from 45″ to an impressive 55″, providing the perfect length for users of all heights. Whether you’re a lady, an elderly individual, a child, or a student, this lightweight mop offers an ergonomic grip and easy maneuverability, making floor cleaning an effortless task.

Professional Grade Floor Cleaning Mop Pads

The CLEANHOME Dust Mop comes with a set of 5 different mop pads, ensuring a specialized cleaning experience for every floor type. With three twist microfiber mop pads, one microfiber chenille pad, and one full polyester replacement pad, you have the perfect arsenal to tackle any cleaning challenge. From wooden floors to tile, marble, hardwood, and laminate, this mop pad set has got you covered, providing exceptional results with both wet and dry cleaning methods.

Easy Installation and Hassle-Free Maintenance

Say goodbye to strenuous mop pad replacements! The CLEANHOME Dust Mop features a convenient buckle design that allows for quick and seamless pad changes. Simply remove the pad with a gentle tug and attach the new one effortlessly. The best part? All the mop pads included with this mop are machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. So, whether you’re cleaning kitchen floors, bathrooms, garages, warehouses, or even classrooms, this mop is the perfect cleaning companion.

Flexible Rotating 360 Spin Mop Head

Tackling hard-to-reach areas has never been easier! The CLEANHOME Dust Mop boasts a flexible rotating 360 spin mop head that effortlessly glides under sofas, beds, and other hard-to-reach corners. This impressive feature ensures that no speck of dust or dirt is left behind. So, bid farewell to pesky dust bunnies and embrace a cleaner living space with this innovative mop.


The CLEANHOME Dust Mop is far more than a simple cleaning tool; it’s a game-changer in the realm of floor maintenance. With its extendable long handle, professional-grade mop pads, easy installation and maintenance, and flexible rotating mop head, this product offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a cleanliness enthusiast, this mop is a must-have in your cleaning arsenal. So, bring home the CLEANHOME Dust Mop and experience the joy of effortless floor cleaning like never before!

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