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DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester: Vibration Frequency Measure

DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge Acoustic Belt Tensionmeter for Measuring Transmission Belt Vibration...
  • This Belt Tension Tester used the exclusive Micro-computer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement
  • It can be used to measure and adjust the tension of timing and auxiliary belts fitted to motor vehicles and other machines
  • Tension can be displayed in a variety of standard and manufacturers' units
  • The selected tension limits, measurement units and calibration parameters are stored in The memory of the tester, and will be remembered even when the instrument is switched off and the batteries removed.

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Experience the DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge Acoustic Belt Tensionmeter: A Game-Changer in Belt Tension Measurement

When it comes to measuring the vibration frequency of transmission belts, the DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge Acoustic Belt Tensionmeter stands out as a reliable and innovative tool. With its adjustable direction probe and impressive measuring range of 10Hz to 680Hz, this instrument offers unparalleled accuracy and convenience. Let’s dive into what makes this tension tester a game-changer.

Adjustable Probe for Versatile Measurements

The DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge comes with an adjustable probe, allowing you to take precise measurements in various settings. Whether you need to measure the tension of timing belts in motor vehicles or auxiliary belts in different machines, this tool delivers the flexibility you need. No matter the belt width, the DLTEREN tension tester can handle it with ease.

Efficient Data Storage and Retrieval

With its built-in memory, this tension tester can store up to 20 sets of belt parameters, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping. This feature proves particularly useful when working with multiple machines or conducting comparative analyses. Even when the instrument is switched off or the batteries are removed, your selected tension limits, calibration parameters, and measurement units will be remembered, ensuring seamless continuity in your work.

Precision and Accuracy at Its Best

To provide precise and reliable results, the DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge boasts impressive accuracy specifications. Within the range of 0-100Hz, the precision is ±1Hz, and for frequencies above 100Hz, it remains at ±1%. The digital sampling accuracy is less than 1%, guaranteeing utmost confidence in your measurements. Additionally, the clear LCD display ensures easy readability, without any room for interpretation.

Built to Last, Designed for Convenience

The DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge combines durability with user-friendly design. Its sturdy housing, made of high-quality plastic (ABS), ensures long-lasting performance in various work environments. The compact dimensions of 140mmx7mm2x34mm make it easy to handle and carry, while the included portable suitcase adds extra protection during transport or storage.

To power up this tension tester, grab four AAA batteries (not included) and enjoy its hassle-free operation. Whether you’re on-site or in the workshop, this instrument is ready to provide accurate measurements and simplify your work process.


The DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge Acoustic Belt Tensionmeter revolutionizes the way we measure and adjust belt tension. Combining adjustable probe capabilities, efficient data storage, remarkable precision, and user-friendly design, this tool brings unparalleled value to professionals in various industries. Don’t settle for guesswork when it comes to belt tension – invest in the DLTEREN Sonic Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge for precise and reliable results.

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