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Doorballs Door Knocker: Hilarious Vintage Roman Style!

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Door Knocker by Doorballs – with Double Sided Tape | Funny Balls Door Knocking Ornaments Vintage Roman Style Home Decoration Hardware Accessories for Door Ring Hanging Doorbell Pendant is the ultimate way to make a statement and inject humor into your home decor. These functional and hilarious door knockers are the perfect way to welcome visitors and lighten the mood.

Functional Door Knocker: The Doorballs are not just eye-catching decorations, but fully functional knockers. Made with strong and solid construction, they are built to withstand even the most enthusiastic knocking. Make a lasting impression on anyone who comes banging on your door with these unique and attention-grabbing door knockers.

Hilarious Gag Gift: Show the world your sense of humor with Doorballs. These comically funny gifts are perfect for both men and women. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a white elephant exchange, a housewarming gift, or a surprising addition to your Christmas morning, Doorballs are guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to any occasion.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted with care, Doorballs are made of durable PVC with a bronzed look. Measuring 9″ tall by 6″ wide and 2″ deep, these knockers are both substantial and visually appealing. Weighing just over a pound, they are some heavy, well-hung balls that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Mounts to Any Flat Surface: The Doorballs knocker comes with included double-sided mounting tape, allowing you to easily mount them to any flat surface. Whether it’s your front door, man cave, or even your bathroom, these balls will grab attention and become a talking point for all who see them. Let your personality shine through with these unique and hilarious door knockers.

Ready to Use: Doorballs come fully assembled and ready to be proudly displayed. Featuring large, easy-to-grab “parts”, these knockers are incredibly user-friendly. Simply peel off the backing of the mounting tape, stick them to your desired surface, and watch as your friends and family crack up with laughter when they see your balls hanging proudly on display.

In conclusion, Doorballs deliver high-quality craftsmanship and a touch of humor to your home decor. They are functional, well-built knockers that are sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who comes knocking on your door. Whether you’re looking for a gag gift or simply want to inject some laughter into your daily life, Doorballs are the perfect choice. So, why wait? Grab your own Door Knocker by Doorballs today and let the fun begin!

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