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E-BLOX Circuit Kit: Fan Wire Maze Challenge

E-BLOX Building Blocks Circuit Kit, Build Your Own Fan Launch Wire Maze Challenge, Steady Hand Wins, Friendly...
  • STEADY HAND WINS – Do you have a steady hand? Test your nerves with our Build Your Own Fan Launch Challenge Kit. Move a hook through a wavy wire maze. Don’t let the hook touch the maze for too long, or else, the fan will spin and launch high into the air!
  • FRIENDLY COMPETITION – Whoever gets from one side of the maze to the other with the fewest number of fan launches is the winner. The steadiest hand wins!
  • ELECTRONIC BLOCKS – The colorful blocks have electronic components that allow children to discover how circuits work while also creating friendly competition. Compatible with our Circuit Blox and Power Blox lines, LEGO, and other major brick brands.
  • STEM TOY – Designed to stimulate creativity and teach kids to investigate the world through creative reasoning and the systematic building of objects. Kids will get to innovate as they plug together bricks and modules to create their own toys and games.
  • FOR KIDS AGES 5 & UP – The E-Blox Build Your Own Fan Launch Challenge Kit is suitable for children ages 5 and up. Manual included to guide your children in building their own masterpieces safely. Requires three AA batteries (not included).

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E-BLOX Building Blocks Circuit Kit: A Steady Hand Wins the Challenge

E-BLOX Building Blocks Circuit Kit

Are you ready to put your nerves to the test? The E-BLOX Build Your Own Fan Launch Challenge Kit offers an exciting adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With a wavy wire maze and a fan that launches high into the air, this kit combines the thrill of competition with the joy of circuit building.

The Ultimate Steady Hand Challenge

The heart of this kit lies in its ability to test your dexterity and precision. Can you navigate a hook through the twists and turns of a wire maze without touching it for too long? The goal is to reach the other side with the fewest number of fan launches. It’s a race against time, as the fan spins and propels higher every time you make a mistake. Only the steadiest hand will emerge victorious!

Discover the World of Circuits

The colorful blocks included in the E-BLOX kit feature electronic components that allow children to explore the inner workings of circuits. They’ll learn how electricity flows, how to connect different components, and gain a deeper understanding of STEM concepts. As they compete, they’re also developing critical thinking skills and honing their problem-solving abilities.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the E-BLOX kit, the possibilities are endless. The building blocks and modules can be combined with other major brick brands, including LEGO, Circuit Blox, and Power Blox lines. Your child can let their imagination run wild, creating their own unique toys and games. Whether they build a mini roller coaster or a spinning top, this kit empowers kids to innovate and bring their ideas to life.

Suitable for Ages 5 and Up

The E-BLOX Build Your Own Fan Launch Challenge Kit is designed for children aged 5 and up. With a comprehensive manual included, kids can safely embark on their building journey. Plus, the kit only requires three AA batteries (not included), making it easily accessible for parents.

Get ready for hours of endless fun and friendly competition with the E-BLOX Build Your Own Fan Launch Challenge Kit. This STEM toy provides a unique opportunity for kids to learn about circuits while letting their creativity soar. So, gather your friends and family, and see who has the steadiest hand to conquer the maze and emerge as the ultimate champion!

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