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Organic Refried Pinto Beans 16 oz (12-Pack)

Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans, Heat and Serve, Lightly Salted, Vegetarian, Non GMO, Gluten Free, 16 oz (12-Pack...
  • Only 3 Ingredients: Organic Pinto Beans, Water, Sea Salt
  • Good protein, complex carbs, vitamins, fiber, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, and healthy fats
  • Half the sodium of other brands. Gluten free.
  • Make excellent dips, burritos, enchiladas, tortillas, and tacos. Use them as a base for creamy soups.

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Delicious and Nutritious: Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans

When it comes to refried beans, Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans stand out from the crowd. These U.S. organically grown beans are pureed with a touch of added pinto pieces, providing a delightful texture that elevates any dish. Pressure cooked at Eden Foods’ Indiana cannery, these beans are bursting with flavor and ready to be enjoyed with minimal effort.

A Versatile Addition to Your Kitchen

Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans are truly a culinary chameleon. Whether you’re looking to whip up a quick dip, prepare a hearty burrito, create mouthwatering enchiladas, or assemble flavor-packed tacos, these beans are the perfect foundation for your creations. Their smooth consistency makes them an excellent base for creamy soups, adding depth and richness to every spoonful. The possibilities are endless!

Health Benefits to Savor

Not only are these refried pinto beans delicious, but they also offer a range of health benefits. Packed with good protein, complex carbs, vitamins, fiber, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, and healthy fats, these beans provide a well-rounded nutritional profile. They make for a satisfying and nourishing addition to any meal, giving you the energy you need to power through your day.

Low Sodium, High Flavor

If you’re keeping an eye on your sodium intake, you’ll be pleased to know that Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans contain half the sodium of other brands. This lower sodium content doesn’t compromise on taste, though. These beans are bursting with natural flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight. You can enjoy them guilt-free, knowing that they are both nutritious and delectable.

Free from Chemical Additives

When it comes to choosing food for your family, it’s essential to prioritize quality and purity. That’s why Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans are a top choice. These beans contain no chemical additives, providing you with a wholesome and natural product that you can feel good about serving. They also come in BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free cans, ensuring the preservation of the beans’ integrity since 1999.


No matter how you choose to enjoy them, Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans will impress you with their rich taste and nutritional value. From their versatility in the kitchen to their health benefits and commitment to quality, these beans are a standout option. Whether you’re a vegetarian, following a gluten-free diet, or simply looking for a delicious and wholesome addition to your meals, these refried pinto beans will exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate to heat and serve them, blend them into a dip, or use them as a base for your favorite Mexican-inspired dishes. Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans are a pantry staple that you won’t want to be without!

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