Connectors & Adapters

  • 6320G1 Anderson Forklift Battery Connector

    The 6320G1 Anderson Original Forklift Battery Connector 350 Gray With 2/0 Tips is a reliable and efficient solution for optimum power transfer.

  • Type-C Male to VGA Adapter – 1080P Support

    Introducing the Type-C Male to VGA Adapter short cable connector, crafted from durable aluminum alloy and PVC material. Supports 1080P at 60HZ and QXGA for Windows, Android, and OS X.

  • 4XEM VGA Video Splitter

    The 4XEM 8Port VGA video splitter/seperator allows for efficient distribution of high-resolution video signals up to 1920X1440.

  • Aviation Connector Plug Set – GX12 4 Pin Thread Female & Male Sockets.

    The Aviation Connector Plug, 5 Pcs GX12 4 Pin Thread Female Socket Panel Metal Aviation Wire Connector 5A&5 Pcs GX12 4 Pin Male Socket Panel Metal Aviation Wire Connector 5A offer secure and reliable connections for aviation applications.

  • TE Part Number 770672-1

    TE Connectivity Part Number 770672-1 is a versatile connector, perfect for a wide range of applications. Trust its reliability and durability for your project.

  • Automobile Connector Pin Fitting for Female Terminal – 1000pcs

    Looking for reliable automobile connectors? Check out the 1000pcs original female terminal 5-963715-1, perfect for 0.5-0.75 square wire fittings.

  • NANYI 1/4″ Female to NL4FC Male Adapter Connector

    The NANYI Speakon to 1/4 Adapter Connector is perfect for converting 1/4" cables to NL4FC plugs, making it compatible with speakers, amplifiers, and mixers. Upgrade your audio setup easily!

  • 2PCS N Female to N Female Coax Adapter

    XRDS - RF 2PCS N Female to N Female Connector RF Coax Cable Adapter Barrel Connectors Double Female Connector Plug for non-TV applications.

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