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Etch A Sketch: Ultimate Drawing Toy! Ages 3+.

Etch A Sketch Classic, Drawing Toy with Magic Screen, for Ages 3 and up (Style May Vary)
  • ORIGINAL MAGIC SCREEN: Etch A Sketch is a great screen alternative – no charging, batteries or Wi-Fi needed ; Turn the knobs and lines will magically appear on the screen! Unplug with the Classic
  • SHAKE TO ERASE: When you’re finished a drawing and ready to start another ; just shake to erase and start all over ; With the Etch A Sketch Classic Drawing Pad for kids ; you can be endlessly creative
  • CLASSIC DRAWING TOY: For over 60 years ; children and adults have been experiencing the magic of Etch A Sketch ; The world’s favorite magnetic drawing board makes it fun and easy to create over and over again
  • Etch A Sketch Classic is a mechanical drawing sketch pad for ages 3 and up ; No batteries required. Unplug with the Classic – draw and shake to erase with Etch A Sketch
  • Includes: 1 Classic Etch A Sketch ; Covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment

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Unleash Your Inner Artist with Etch A Sketch Classic

Step into the fascinating world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with the Etch A Sketch Classic! Whether you are a child or an adult, this iconic drawing toy has been capturing hearts for over 60 years. With its red frame, white knobs, and magic screen, it’s time to unplug and let your imagination run wild.

Mechanical Drawing Made Easy

The Etch A Sketch Classic is the perfect screen alternative for all ages. Say goodbye to charging, batteries, and Wi-Fi requirements. All you need are your hands and a vivid imagination. Use the left knob to draw lines left and right, the right knob to draw lines up and down, and both knobs to create curved and angled lines. It’s surprisingly simple and incredibly fun!

Endless Creativity and Instant Erasing

Once you’ve mastered the basics of drawing on the Etch A Sketch, the possibilities become endless. What will you draw? A beautiful landscape, a stunning portrait, or maybe a crazy abstract artwork? Let your creativity flow without limitations. And when you’re ready for a fresh canvas, just shake the Etch A Sketch to erase your masterpiece instantly.

A Classic Toy That Stands the Test of Time

Etch A Sketch Classic is more than just a drawing pad – it’s a timeless symbol of imagination and artistic expression. It has delighted generations and continues to captivate artists young and old. This mechanical drawing sketch pad is designed for ages 3 and up, making it a perfect gift for children to unleash their creativity.

Unleash Your Inner Child

Remember the joy of creating something with your own hands? The Etch A Sketch Classic brings back that nostalgic feeling of pure joy and excitement. It’s not just a toy; it’s a portal to a magical world of self-expression. So take a break from screens and rediscover the simple pleasure of pencil-free drawing.


The Etch A Sketch Classic is a captivating drawing toy that brings out the artist in everyone. Its iconic design, mechanical simplicity, and instant erasing feature make it a timeless favorite. Whether you are a child exploring the wonders of imagination or an adult seeking a creative outlet, this magical doodle board will keep you entertained for hours on end. So grab an Etch A Sketch Classic, embrace your inner artist, and let your imagination run wild!

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