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Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen: LC/MU Cleaning FTTH Tools

Fiber Optic Cleaner,1.25mm Ferrules LC/MU Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen FTTH Connector Cleaning Tools with 800+ Times
  • CREATIVE PUSH-TO-CLEAN DESIGN - Simple pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner, automatically advance with fresh cleaning tape,Up to 800+ Cleans.
  • Universal 1.25mm Ferrules LC/MU Pen Pen is Designed for Cleaning The Ferrule End Faces of SC, FC and ST Connectors with UPC and APC Polishes.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – This cleaner constructed with anti-static material, cleaning micro fibers are densely stranded and debris free
  • Cleanliness Can Reach 95% or Above.Especially for Water and Oil, Its Cleaning Effect is Far Better Than Traditional Swab Cleaning Rods.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE-- This fiber cleaner has a shape of common pen, which is easily handle and operate the cleanings. After the cleaning is finished, "click" sound prompts.

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The Fiber Optic Cleaner, 1.25mm Ferrules LC/MU Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen is a must-have tool for anyone working with optical fiber communication systems. This powerful cleaner effectively removes dirt and small particles from connector ferrules, ensuring optimal performance and preventing network failures.

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining fiber optic networks is keeping the connectors clean. Dirty connectors can disrupt the transmission of optical signals, causing signal loss or damage to the communication system. The Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen is designed to address this issue with ease and efficiency.

Featuring a sleek blue design, this cleaning pen is specifically designed for LC/MU connectors with 1.25mm ferrules. Its compact size and length of 18.2cm make it easy to handle and maneuver, while the extendable length of 21.8cm allows you to reach connectors in tight spaces. The lightweight design, weighing only 20.8g, ensures comfortable and effortless cleaning.

The Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen is constructed with anti-static material, making it safe for use on delicate optical components. Its cleaning microfibers are densely stranded and debris-free, allowing for a thorough and effective cleaning process. With a cleanliness level of 95% or above, this cleaner surpasses traditional swab cleaning rods in terms of cleaning performance.

What sets this cleaning pen apart is its incredible convenience and ease of use. Resembling a common pen, it fits comfortably in your hand and can be operated with minimal effort. Once the cleaning is complete, a satisfying “click” sound notifies you that the process is finished. This intuitive design ensures that even those new to fiber optic cleaning can achieve professional results.

Whether you are a professional working in the field of fiber optic communication or a DIY enthusiast setting up your own fiber optic network, the Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen is an essential tool. Its superior quality, easy operation, and exceptional cleaning performance make it a valuable investment.

In conclusion, the Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen is a powerful and reliable tool for maintaining the cleanliness of fiber optic connectors. With its anti-static construction, densely stranded microfibers, and user-friendly design, this cleaning pen offers a convenient and effective solution for preventing network failures. Don’t compromise the performance of your optical fiber communication system, invest in the Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen today.

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