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FIFA 22 for Xbox One.

FIFA 22 - Xbox One
  • Reimagined gameplay creates advances across every mode in FIFA 22.
  • Live out your dreams as you create and manage your custom club in career mode.
  • Volta Football returns with more flair all over the pitch and new ways to express your style.
  • Build your dream squad and compete in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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FIFA 22: The Ultimate Football Experience on Xbox One

Football fans rejoice, because EA SPORTS FIFA 22 has arrived, bringing the beautiful game even closer to reality than ever before. With stunning gameplay advances and a plethora of innovative new features, FIFA 22 is the ultimate soccer experience you’ve been waiting for.

Unmatched Gameplay and Realism

The first thing that sets FIFA 22 apart from its predecessors is the new goalkeeper rewrite, which adds a whole new dimension of composure to the most important position on the pitch. With more realistic goalkeeper movement and positioning, you’ll feel like you’re controlling a real-life shot-stopper. Combined with new ball physics and explosive sprints to match the acceleration of the game’s fastest players, FIFA 22 offers unrivaled consistency and immersion that truly captures the essence of the sport.

Create and Manage Your Own Club

In Career Mode, FIFA 22 allows you to live out your football dreams as you create and manage your custom club. With complete control over signings, tactics, and player development, you’ll experience the thrill of leading your team to glory. The level of customization and depth in Career Mode is truly impressive, giving you the freedom to shape your club’s destiny and etch your name in football history.

Show Off Your Flair in Volta Football

If small-sided gameplay and street football is more your style, then Volta Football is the mode for you. With upgraded gameplay mechanics and enhanced player responsiveness, Volta Football in FIFA 22 is even more exciting and full of flair. Express your style with new tricks, skills, and celebrations, as you play in iconic locations around the world. With new ways to progress and unlock rewards each season, Volta Football offers an addictive and thrilling experience like no other.

Build Your Dream Squad in FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 also brings back the immensely popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode, where you can build your dream squad and compete against other players. With enhanced team customization and updated player progression systems, FIFA Ultimate Team gives you unprecedented control over your Virtual Pro’s development. Additionally, the introduction of FUT Heroes adds a nostalgic touch to the mode, as you can now play alongside some of football’s most memorable players.

Unrivaled Authenticity Everywhere

No football game would be complete without a comprehensive roster of players, teams, and leagues. FIFA 22 delivers on this front with over 17,000 players, 700+ teams, and more than 30 leagues, including prestigious tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and the newly added UEFA Europa Conference League. Whether you want to take your favorite local team to the top or compete against the biggest clubs in the world, FIFA 22 offers an unrivaled level of authenticity and immersion.

In conclusion, FIFA 22 on Xbox One is a must-have for any football enthusiast. With its groundbreaking gameplay advancements, extensive game modes, and unparalleled authenticity, FIFA 22 offers a gaming experience that will satisfy both casual players and hardcore fans alike. So grab your controller, step onto the virtual pitch, and immerse yourself in the ultimate football adventure that FIFA 22 has to offer.

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