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Flying Couch: Memoir of a Graphic

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Flying Couch: A Graphic Memoir Review

Flying Couch, the debut graphic memoir by Amy Kurzweil, is a captivating exploration of identity, family, and the enduring impact of the Holocaust on multiple generations. Through a combination of stunning artwork and powerful storytelling, Kurzweil invites readers into the lives of three unforgettable women: herself, her mother, and her grandmother.

Discovering the Past

As Amy delves into her family’s history, she uncovers her grandmother’s extraordinary journey from the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Bubbe’s courage and resourcefulness in disguising herself as a gentile to escape the horrors of the Holocaust leave a profound impact on Amy. Inspired by her grandmother’s story, Amy turns to her sketchbooks, using art as a means of processing and understanding the weight of her family’s past.

Multigenerational Voices

What sets Flying Couch apart is Kurzweil’s skillful entwining of the voices and narratives of these three women. Each brings their unique perspective, creating a rich tapestry that explores themes of trauma, resilience, and the complexities of family relationships. Through their collective stories, Kurzweil beautifully captures the bonds that tie generations together and the ways in which the past shapes the present.

An Important Entry in Holocaust Literature

Flying Couch is more than just a coming-of-age memoir; it is a bold and poignant addition to the literature surrounding the Holocaust. Bubbe’s real testimony serves as a foundation for Kurzweil’s exploration of inherited trauma and the weight of history. By providing a fresh perspective on a familiar narrative, Kurzweil invites readers to consider the ongoing impact of the Holocaust on subsequent generations.

The Power of Art and Memory

Amy Kurzweil’s artistic prowess is on full display throughout Flying Couch. Her illustrations are both whimsical and emotionally evocative, capturing the essence of each character and their experiences. The inclusion of her own sketchbooks adds an intimate and personal touch, showcasing the power of art as a form of self-expression and healing.


In Flying Couch, Amy Kurzweil has crafted a deeply affecting graphic memoir that will resonate with readers long after they turn the final page. Her exploration of family, identity, and the enduring legacy of the Holocaust is both timely and universal. Through her captivating artwork and storytelling, Kurzweil invites us to reflect on the importance of understanding our past and the ways in which it shapes our present and future. Flying Couch is a must-read for anyone seeking a unique and powerful narrative that explores the human capacity for resilience and the bonds of family.

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