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Frywall: The Ultimate Splatter Guard!

Frywall 12 (Large) - Green - Splatter Guard, as Seen on Shark Tank
  • FRYWALL 12" IS BIG – Verify your pan size before ordering. Frywall 12 fits 12" pans. Will not fit pans with lip-to-lip diameters smaller than 11.5". Not suitable for downdraft stoves.
  • NO COMPROMISE PROTECTION: The first-ever splatter guard that combines uninterrupted protection with complete access to cooking surface, providing all the benefits of an uncovered pan without the mess.
  • STOPS OIL MIST AND CONDENSATION: Completely blocks fine oil that splatter screens let through, but lets steam escape freely. So burgers sear perfectly, sauces reduce quickly, and condensation splatter is eliminated.
  • SPILLOVER STOPPER: Perfect for preventing spillovers when sautéing lots of veggies and greens in overfull pan.
  • SAFE, CLEAN AND COMPACT: Made of BPA-free, FDA-compliant silicone that can withstand sustained temperatures of up to 450°F. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. After use rolls into cup-sized sleeve for compact storage.

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Experience Mess-Free Cooking with Frywall 12 (Large) – Green – Splatter Guard

As seen on Shark Tank, Frywall 12 (Large) – Green – Splatter Guard is revolutionizing the way we cook, providing an unmatched combination of protection and accessibility. Say goodbye to messy stovetops and hello to perfectly seared dishes and reduced sauces, all without the hassle of splatters and spills.

No Compromise Protection

Unlike traditional splatter screens, Frywall 12 offers uninterrupted protection while allowing complete access to the cooking surface. It’s the perfect solution for those who love the benefits of using an uncovered pan but want to avoid the mess. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this innovative splatter guard.

Stops Oil Mist and Condensation

Frywall 12 goes above and beyond to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free. It completely blocks fine oil mist that splatter screens often let through, ensuring your countertops and floors stay pristine. At the same time, it allows steam to escape freely, so you can achieve perfectly seared burgers, quickly reduce sauces, and eliminate condensation splatters.

Spillover Stopper

If you love sautéing a generous amount of veggies and greens, Frywall 12 is your new kitchen essential. This splatter guard is specially designed to prevent spillovers when your pan is a bit too full. Enjoy the freedom to cook fearlessly, knowing that even with an overfull pan, you won’t end up with a messy stovetop.

Safe, Clean, and Compact

Frywall 12 is made of BPA-free, FDA-compliant silicone, ensuring your safety while cooking. It can withstand sustained temperatures of up to 450°F, making it perfect for all types of cooking. After use, simply pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Its compact design allows it to roll into a cup-sized sleeve for convenient storage, saving you precious space in your kitchen.

Experience the Value of Frywall 12

With Frywall 12, you no longer have to compromise between protection and access to your cooking surface. It provides an unbeatable shield against splatters and spills, keeping your kitchen clean and allowing you to cook confidently.

Whether you’re searing burgers, reducing sauces, or sautéing a mountain of veggies, Frywall 12 ensures a mess-free cooking experience. Its high-quality construction and dishwasher-safe design make it a durable and convenient kitchen accessory.

Invest in Frywall 12 (Large) – Green – Splatter Guard and elevate your cooking game. Say goodbye to scrubbing oil stains off your stovetop and hello to hassle-free meal preparations. Your kitchen deserves this innovative and practical solution for splatter-free cooking!

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