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Jim’s WW2 German Tiger Tank Model Set – Military Brick Building Blocks

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Unleash Your Inner Military Enthusiast With General Jim’s Military Brick Building Set

When it comes to building blocks, General Jim’s Military Brick Building Set takes it to a whole new level with their World War 2 German Army Tiger Tank 131 Model. This set is perfect for military and building block enthusiasts, as well as teens and adults who have a passion for history and construction. With its high level of detail and compatibility with major brick building brands, this model set is a must-have for anyone looking to add excitement and authenticity to their collection.

Journey Back in Time with the Tiger I

At the heart of this model set is the Tiger I, Germany’s most famous heavy tank of World War 2. Known for its formidable armor and powerful weaponry, this tank played a crucial role in the battles fought in Africa and Europe. The Tiger 131, in particular, holds a special place in history as it is the world’s only running Tiger I tank. Captured by British forces on April 24th, 1943, this tank now resides in the UK Tank Museum, telling the story of its tumultuous past.

Attention to Detail That Leaves You in Awe

With over 1000 pieces included in this set, General Jim’s has spared no expense in capturing the essence of the Tiger I. From its rotating 360-degree turret to its horizontal adjustment capabilities, every aspect of this tank has been meticulously recreated. The level of detail is truly impressive, ensuring that you can proudly display this model in your collection or use it to bring your imaginative war stories to life.

A Complete Set for Military Enthusiasts

Alongside the Tiger I model, this set also includes a set of weapons for the soldiers, allowing you to recreate intense battles and strategies. Whether you’re building a diorama or simply enjoying the process of constructing this remarkable tank, the additional soldiers and weapons add an extra layer of authenticity and excitement.

Compatible with Major Brick Building Brands

General Jim’s Military Brick Building Set is compatible with Lego ®, Cobi®, Wange, Sembo ®, and all major brick building brands. This means you can seamlessly incorporate this model into your existing collection or combine it with other models to create epic battlefield scenes. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.


General Jim’s Military Brick Building Set – World War 2 German Army Tiger Tank 131 Model Building Blocks Model Set is a must-have for military and building block enthusiasts of all ages. The attention to detail, historical significance, and compatibility with major brick building brands make this set a standout. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply enjoy the process of building, the Tiger 131 model will transport you back in time to the harrowing battles of World War 2. So unleash your inner military enthusiast and add this captivating model set to your collection today.

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