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Valentine’s Day: GlobalRose 100 Spray Carnations

GlobalRose 100 Stems of Fresh Cut Pink Spray Carnations | 400 Blooms | Fresh Flowers For Valentines Day.
  • 100 Mini Carnations | 10 bouquets of 10 stems each
  • Blooms per stem: 3-5 | Pink
  • The stems are 20"-22" long | Vase Life: 8-11 Days |Item Condition: New
  • If your delivery date is beyond the Amazon calendar (9 days from today) please wait to make your order up to 9 days before your desired delivery date. Flowers are shipped fresh directly from the Greenhouse. | We guarantee fresh flowers. All purchases can include a personalized message
  • Diameter when bloomed: 1.2"-1.6"| Hours to Bloom: 26-48 Hours |Stage on arrival: Fresh Closed Bud

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Experience the Beauty of Fresh Pink Spray Carnations from GlobalRose

When it comes to expressing love and care, a beautiful bouquet of flowers can speak volumes. And there’s no better choice than the Pink Spray Carnations from GlobalRose. These stunning flowers not only make a wonderful gift for your loved ones but also brighten up any space with their vibrant colors and delicate fragrance.

Affordable and High-Quality

GlobalRose takes pride in offering the most affordable and top-notch Pink Spray Carnations to its customers. These cheap Pink Spray Carnation Flowers are perfect for anyone looking to create a stunning floral arrangement without breaking the bank. The quality of these flowers is unbeatable, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

Bringing Spring into Your Home or Office

Embrace the Spring season all year round with a bunch of Pink Spray Carnation Flowers. These beautiful blooms add a refreshing touch to any space, be it your home or office. The vibrant pink color brings a sense of cheerfulness and positivity, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Premium Quality, Every Single Time

When you order Pink Spray Carnation Flowers from GlobalRose, you can be assured of receiving premium quality flowers, every single time. The florists at GlobalRose are professionals who are dedicated and passionate about what they do. They carefully select and harvest the flowers to ensure that they are healthy and fresh.

Blooms That Take Your Breath Away

There are few flowers that can compare to the beauty of Pink Spray Carnations. With 3-5 blooms per stem and a diameter of 1.2″-1.6″ when bloomed, these flowers are absolutely breathtaking. GlobalRose delivers the flowers with fresh closed buds, allowing you to witness the magical transformation as the flowers bloom over the next 26-48 hours.

Long-Lasting Freshness

GlobalRose understands the importance of longevity when it comes to flowers. The Pink Spray Carnations have a vase life of 8-11 days, ensuring that your recipient can enjoy their beauty for an extended period. These flowers are shipped fresh directly from the greenhouse, guaranteeing their freshness.

A Personal Touch

What sets GlobalRose apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. With every purchase, you can include a personalized message, adding a heartfelt touch to your gift. Whether you’re expressing your love, gratitude, or condolences, these Pink Spray Carnations will deliver your message with elegance and beauty.

Order Your Pink Spray Carnations Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the unmatched beauty of Pink Spray Carnations from GlobalRose. Place your order today and have these stunning flowers delivered to your doorstep or to someone special. You can trust GlobalRose to provide the best quality at the most affordable prices. Order now and let these Pink Spray Carnations bring joy and love into your life.

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