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GoPro Hero7 Black: Capture 4K Action in Water!

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 720p Live Streaming...
  • HyperSmooth: Get gimbal‑like stabilization—without the gimbal. HERO7 Black corrects for camera shake to deliver insanely smooth footage
  • TimeWarp: Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move about a scene. Increase the speed up to 30x to turn longer activities into shareable moments
  • Live streaming in 720p: Share while you’re there. Live stream in 720p on social, get HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast via the GoPro app and save footage to your SD card to check out later
  • Rugged plus Waterproof: Share experiences you can’t capture with your phone. HERO7 Black is rugged, waterproof without a housing to 33 feet (10m) and up for any adventure
  • SuperPhoto: Get brilliant photos automatically. With SuperPhoto, HERO7 Black intelligently applies HDR, local tone mapping or noise reduction to optimize your shots
  • Voice control: Go hands-free with 16 voice commands like “GoPro, take a photo” and “GoPro, turn on.” Understands English (US, UK, AU and India), Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (BR), Russian & Spanish (EU and NA)
  • 4K60 Video plus 12MP Photos: HERO7 Black shoots stunning 4K60 video and 12MP photos that are as awesome as the moments themselves

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GoPro Hero7 Black — The Ultimate Action Camera for Capturing Your Adventures

Adventure seekers, rejoice! The GoPro Hero7 Black is here to help you capture every thrilling moment of your escapades, big or small. This compact and rugged action camera is built tough and fully waterproof, allowing you to take it anywhere without worries. So strap it on, grab it, and get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures!

Unparalleled Video Quality
With the GoPro Hero7 Black, you can expect nothing less than stunning video quality. This exceptional camera lets you shoot smooth 4K videos that will make every moment look truly amazing. But that’s not all – you can also capture breathtaking time-lapse videos, transforming longer events into easily shareable short clips. This feature is perfect for reliving the highlights of your adventures and sharing them with friends and family.

Rugged and Waterproof Design
Unlike your fragile phone, the Hero7 Black is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. It can take a beating and is fully waterproof without the need for an extra housing, allowing you to share experiences that would be impossible to capture with your phone. Whether you’re hiking through rainforests, surfing massive waves, or diving into the depths of the ocean, the Hero7 Black is up for any adventure.

Intuitive Touch Screen
The Hero7 Black boasts an intuitive touch screen that makes it incredibly easy to jump right in and start capturing amazing shots. With its streamlined capture modes and simple swipe and tap gestures, you can capture your highlights effortlessly. Say goodbye to complicated settings and hello to hassle-free shooting.

Hands-Free Control with Voice Commands
Stay in the moment and capture every detail without lifting a finger. Thanks to voice control technology, you can control your Hero7 Black hands-free using simple commands like “GoPro, take a photo” or “GoPro, start recording.” This hands-free operation allows you to keep your focus on the action while ensuring that you never miss a beat.

Superb Photo Quality and Video Stabilization
The Hero7 Black’s 12MP photos with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) produce vibrant and stunning images, even in challenging lighting conditions. With Burst mode, you can capture up to 15 photos in just one second, ensuring that you never miss a single moment.

But what about shaky footage? Fear not! The Hero7 Black’s advanced video stabilization technology ensures that all your videos are perfectly smooth and steady, whether you’re skiing down a mountain, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, or playfully chasing your furry friend around the yard.

Additional Features
The Hero7 Black offers an array of additional features that make it the ultimate action camera. You can shoot vertically, perfect for your Snapchat and Instagram Stories. A photo timer makes it easy to capture GoPro selfies or group shots with everyone included. And with 8x Slo-Mo video, you can relive those funny, interesting, or epic moments in glorious slow motion.

The GoPro Hero7 Black is undoubtedly the ultimate action camera for adventurers. Its rugged and waterproof design, stunning video quality, intuitive touch screen, voice control capabilities, superb photo quality, and video stabilization technology set it apart from the competition. With this powerful little device in hand, you can capture your life’s most exhilarating moments in a fresh and exciting way. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your adventures with the world – grab the GoPro Hero7 Black and start living life to the fullest!

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