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Green Biscuit NHL Puck: Choose Your Team Now!

Green Biscuit Original NHL Edmonton Oilers
  • Slides like a puck on the ice Do Not Shoot! Get Green Biscuit Snipe for shooting Collect all your favorite teams Works best on asphalt, concrete or sport courts

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The Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck: Taking Your Hockey Skills to the Next Level

Attention all hockey enthusiasts! Are you tired of being confined to the rink? Wish you could practice your stickhandling skills wherever you go? Look no further than the Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck, the ultimate off-ice training tool designed to revolutionize your game.

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Unleash Your Skills Anywhere

With the Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck, you can play hockey on virtually any rough surface. Whether it’s your driveway, parking lot, street, basement, or even a tennis court, this innovative puck slides effortlessly, mimicking the feel of real ice. Say goodbye to the limitations of the rink and hello to endless practice opportunities.

Not only does the Green Biscuit stay flat, preventing it from tumbling or flipping over, but it also plays like a real puck on ice. From beginners to pros, this off-ice puck is perfect for all skill levels, making playing and training convenient and fun.

Improving Your Stickhandling Skills

Developing confidence in stickhandling is crucial for any hockey player. The Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck focuses on improving the three primary stickhandling skills: one-touch passing, toe-drags, and saucer passes. Through consistent practice with this puck, your skills will be honed, and you’ll be ready to dominate on the ice.

So, how does the Green Biscuit achieve all this? It’s all in the design. This off-ice puck consists of two pieces of plastic held apart by three metal bolts and rubber spacers. This unique shock-absorbing system reduces friction and vibration on concrete and asphalt, providing a puck that closely matches the feel of a real puck on ice.

The Green Biscuit VARIATIONS: Find Your Perfect Fit

Passing original puck

Green Biscuit offers different variations to cater to your specific needs. The Green Biscuit ‘Original’ is perfect for passing and stickhandling practice. It’s available in eight vibrant colors, adding a touch of style to your training sessions. Choose this option to improve your stickhandling skills, from beginners to professionals.

Green Biscuit Snipe

If you’re looking to up your shooting game, the Green Biscuit ‘Snipe’ is your go-to puck. It features new tread on the edge, giving you an ice-puck feel with each shot. The reinforced rivets ensure durability, allowing you to unleash powerful wrist shots, snappers, and slap shots. This puck stays flat and plays like a dream, providing the ideal practice experience.

Show Off Your Team Pride

Not only do these pucks enhance your skills, but they also allow you to represent your favorite NHL team or country. The Green Biscuit offers a range of pucks with your team’s logo and flag, displaying your loyalty on the world’s best practice puck. Who says you can’t have style and skill?

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Created by NHL Pros for Unmatched Performance

Tom Pederson nhl pro practice pucks for passing and shooting

The Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck was created by Tom Pederson, a seasoned NHL veteran for the San Jose Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. As a 240-game NHL pro, Pederson understood the importance of quality training tools. He crafted the Green Biscuit to help players like you improve stickhandling, accuracy, and overall performance.

Don’t settle for subpar training tools. Choose the Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck and take your hockey skills to the next level. Whether you’re practicing at home, in the driveway, or on the street, this puck will elevate your game and give you the edge you need to dominate the ice.

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