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GreeNoodle – No Seasoning, 12 Ct.

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GreeNoodle: A Healthier Alternative to Conventional Instant Noodles

Looking for a guilt-free and delicious alternative to your favorite instant noodles? Look no further than GreeNoodle, a vegetarian instant noodle made with organic Moroheiya powder. Packed with nutrients and flavor, GreeNoodle is your ticket to a healthier and more satisfying meal.

Exceptionally Nutritious Moroheiya Greens

GreeNoodle stands out from the crowd with its key ingredient – organic Moroheiya powder. This nutritious vegetable was discovered during ancient Egyptian times and is known for its exceptional health benefits. One serving of GreeNoodle provides a whopping 32% of your daily value for dietary fibers, ensuring a healthy digestive system. Additionally, it offers 20% of your daily value for Vitamin A, promoting good vision and overall well-being.

Avoid Unhealthy Frying Techniques

Unlike most instant noodles, GreeNoodle is not deep-fried but steam cooked and then air-dried. This process eliminates the presence of unhealthy trans fat and saturated fat, making GreeNoodle a guilt-free indulgence. You can savor each mouthful knowing that you are nourishing your body without compromising your health.

Pure and Natural Ingredients

GreeNoodle takes pride in its commitment to providing a pure and natural product. Free from preservatives and added monosodium glutamate (MSG), this noodle is a testament to the brand’s dedication to producing wholesome foods. You can trust GreeNoodle to deliver a truly clean eating experience.

Convenience and Deliciousness Combined

GreeNoodle understands the importance of convenience in today’s fast-paced world. With just three minutes of cooking time, you can enjoy a delectable meal bursting with flavor. Simply boil water, add the noodles and optional soup base, and get ready to indulge in a delightful culinary experience. The lightweight and portable packaging make it easy to carry GreeNoodle wherever you go, ensuring that you never have to compromise on taste or nutrition.

A Meal for All Ages

GreeNoodle is designed to cater to people of all ages and lifestyles. Busy mothers, college students with limited time for cooking, and even young children who are averse to vegetables will find delight in these noodles. GreeNoodle aims to improve your overall well-being by bringing the best natural foods and products from around the world into your home. By supporting organic agriculture worldwide, GreeNoodle encourages people to live in harmony with nature while enjoying delicious and healthy meals.

Experience the deliciousness and health benefits of GreeNoodle today. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to a truly satisfying and wholesome instant noodle option. Choose GreeNoodle and embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

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