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Bella Vita Gift Set – Perfume & Body Lotion for Women

GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum 2 Piece Gift Set For Women - Perfume Spray 1.7 Fl. Oz. & Body Lotion 3.4 Fl. Oz.
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GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum 2 Piece Gift Set For Women - Perfume Spray 1.7 Fl. Oz. & Body Lotion 3.4 Fl. Oz.
  • Fragrance Story: Introducing Guess Bella Vita , a new, elegant and luxurious fragrance for the glamourous Guess Girl. This fruity floral oriental fragrance instills confidence in the wearer. The floral heart is feminine and elegant and the textural and creamy warm back notes of tonka bean and sweet praline create a comfort feeling.
  • Olfactive Family: Fruity Floral Oriental
  • Fragrance Notes: Top: Black Cherry / Mid: Tuberose / Base: Tonka
  • Suggested Use: Apply perfume on pulse points - behind your ears, on your neck, and on wrists.
  • Brand Story: Throughout the decades, GUESS invited people to dream with its classic campaigns and has grown into an empire of iconic perfume and cologne products.

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Introducing Guess Bella Vita: A Captivating Fragrance That Embodies Glamour and Luxury

Guess Bella Vita is a new and elegant fragrance designed for the glamorous Guess Girl. This luxurious perfume captures the essence of Southern California and the Mediterranean, taking the wearer on a journey of confidence and sophistication. With its fruity floral oriental notes, Bella Vita is a scent that truly stands out in a crowd.

A Feminine and Elegant Floral Heart

The heart of this fragrance is where its true beauty lies. The floral notes are delicate, feminine, and exude elegance. The combination of black cherry and tuberose creates a perfect balance, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who encounters this captivating scent.

Warm and Comforting Base Notes

As the fragrance settles, it reveals its rich and warm base notes of tonka bean and sweet praline. These creamy and textural undertones create a sense of comfort and envelop the wearer in a subtle, yet irresistible, embrace. It’s a scent that lingers in the memory long after it has faded from the skin.

An Exquisite Gift Set for Women

The GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum 2 Piece Gift Set for Women is the perfect gift for any woman who appreciates luxury and elegance. This set includes a 1.7 fl. oz. perfume spray and a 3.4 fl. oz. body lotion, allowing the wearer to layer the fragrance for a longer-lasting effect.

The perfume spray comes in a chic and compact bottle, measuring 4 x 2 x 4.8 inches, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. The body lotion, on the other hand, provides a luxurious way to moisturize the skin while enhancing the fragrance’s longevity.

How to Use Guess Bella Vita

For optimal results, apply the perfume on your pulse points, such as behind your ears, on your neck, and on your wrists. These areas emit heat, which helps to intensify the fragrance and make it last longer. This way, you’ll leave a trail of captivating scent wherever you go.

The Guess Legacy of Iconic Fragrances

Guess has a reputation for creating timeless and iconic perfumes and colognes, and Guess Bella Vita is no exception. The brand’s classic campaigns have inspired dreams and influenced the world of fragrances for decades. With each new release, Guess continues to captivate and enthrall perfume enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, the GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum 2 Piece Gift Set for Women is a must-have for any woman who wants to feel glamorous, confident, and luxurious. It combines fruity, floral, and warm notes to create a captivating fragrance that lingers in the memory. Gift this set to yourself or a loved one, and let the allure of Guess Bella Vita transport you to the sun-soaked beaches of Southern California and the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean.

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