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Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition – Must-Have Fun!

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition
  • Features classic Trivial Pursuit gameplay
  • 2,400 trivia questions from traditional game categories
  • Features retro looking gameboard
  • Includes gameboard, 400 cards, 1 die, 6 wedge holders, and 36 wedges
  • Ages 16 and up, for 2 to 6 players
  • English (Publication Language)

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A Classic Game for a Nostalgic Night of Fun

In a world where technology dominates our entertainment options, it’s refreshing to go back to the classics. And what’s more classic than a round of Trivial Pursuit? Hasbro Gaming’s Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition brings back the beloved trivia game with a charming 1980s retro appearance, capturing the essence of a bygone era while providing hours of entertainment.

Endless Trivia Fun

At the heart of Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition are the 2,400 trivia questions in six categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure. These questions cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that no round feels repetitive. Whether you consider yourself a trivia buff or just enjoy learning new facts, this game will keep you engaged and entertained.

The gameplay is simple and familiar. Players move around the gameboard, answering questions from various categories. When a player answers a question correctly after landing on a category space, they earn the corresponding colored wedge. The first player to collect six different colored wedges and answer a final question correctly emerges as the victor. The satisfaction of collecting those colorful wedges adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The retro-looking gameboard is a delightful nod to the 1980s, adding a touch of nostalgia to the game. The vibrant colors and distinct design instantly transport players back to a time when trivia games ruled living room gatherings. It’s a great way to inject some vintage flair into your game nights and relive the fun of the past.

A Game for Everyone

Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition is suitable for players aged 16 and above, making it a fantastic choice for both adults and older teenagers. With a minimum of two players and a maximum of six, this game is ideal for intimate gatherings or larger social events. It’s a versatile option that can be enjoyed with friends or family, creating memorable moments that will be talked about for years to come.

Unleash Your Competitive Spirit

Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition brings out the competitive side in everyone. As players race to collect their wedges, tension fills the air. The final question can be the make or break moment, where victory hangs in the balance. The excitement and energy that this game generates are truly unparalleled.

Moreover, the Classic Edition boasts a high-quality build. The gameboard, 400 cards, die, wedge holders, and wedges are all included in the package, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started. Hasbro Gaming’s attention to detail and commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience is evident in the craftsmanship of this product.


Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition is a must-have for any avid board game enthusiast. With its timeless appeal, extensive question bank, and nostalgic design, it effortlessly brings friends and family together for unforgettable nights of trivia-filled fun. Whether you’re new to Trivial Pursuit or a longtime fan, this Classic Edition is sure to become a staple in your game collection.

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