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Hearthsong Large Swing – Ultimate Fun for Kids!

Hearthsong Large Vortex Spinning Ring Swing, 50”, Multiple Kids, Includes Footrest, Ages 6 and Up
  • TILT A WHIRL: Sit, stand, swing, and spin your way through the universe…or just the backyard. But we think the universe is a lot more fun. Great for active play on earth AND imaginary journeys into space, the eye of a storm, or the ocean, all Vortex missions require adult supervision.
  • IT'S ALL PHYSICS: Large swing measures approx. 50" diam. with 68”H nylon ropes with a built in swivel to spin and swing. Kids can sit and rest their feet or stand on the platform while they hold on to sturdy ropes and discover the depths they’ve only daydreamed about
  • GET INTO THE SWING OF THINGS: Setup requires adult installation via the included carabiner for 1 point hanging from a tree with Hanging Strap (731926) or Sky Domed Arch Stand (730793), both sold separately or professional installation to a sturdy swing set
  • BE THE STORM ITSELF: Tons of vortexes appear in nature, but they are not always fun, for example tropical cyclones and tornadoes. It's very dangerous to go out in a storm…but what if you could *be* the storm? Hop on the Vortex and learn what it’s like to be a force of nature
  • UP TO FOUR IN THE VORTEX: Got three friends? Perfect! The sturdy ropes and the padded metal frame will hold up to 300 lbs. and is the perfect vehicle for your child (and their best vortex pals) to have active and imaginary play solo or pushed by an adult

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The Perfect Swing for Enchanting Outdoor Adventures

Imagine your children soaring through the air, spinning and swinging with the freedom of a tornado. With the Hearthsong Large Vortex Spinning Ring Swing, this exhilarating experience becomes a reality for children aged 6 and up.

A Thrilling Voyage into the Imagination

Constructed with sturdy materials and a 50″ diameter, this swing allows children to sit or stand on the platform while securely holding onto the sturdy nylon ropes. As they swing and spin, their imaginations take flight, exploring the depths they’ve only daydreamed about. It’s an adventure that sparks wonder and inspires them to dream bigger.

A Force of Nature in Your Backyard

Have you ever wished you could experience the power of a vortex? With the Vortex Spinning Ring Swing, your child becomes the storm itself. They will feel the excitement and exhilaration of being a force of nature, swirling and twirling with every swing. It’s a safe and exciting way for them to tap into their natural curiosity about the world around them.

Unleash the Fun with Friends

Designed to accommodate up to four children, this swing is perfect for a lively playdate or a solo adventure. The padded metal frame and sturdy ropes can support up to 300 lbs., ensuring that your child and their friends can swing and spin to their heart’s content. It’s a fantastic way to encourage active play and create lasting memories.

Easy Setup and Versatility

Setting up the Vortex Spinning Ring Swing is a breeze. With the included carabiner, you can easily attach it to a tree using the Hanging Strap (731926) or the Sky Domed Arch Stand (730793), both sold separately. Alternatively, you can opt for professional installation on a sturdy swing set. The versatility of this swing means you can enjoy it in your backyard or even indoors on a rainy day.


The Hearthsong Large Vortex Spinning Ring Swing is the ultimate outdoor playtime companion. Combining the thrill of swinging and spinning with the imaginative power of a storm, it provides endless entertainment for children. With its durable construction and versatile setup options, this swing will bring joy and excitement to your backyard for years to come. So, unleash your child’s superpower of imagination and let them embark on incredible adventures with the Vortex Spinning Ring Swing.

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