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Tangerine Peel Pu-erh Tea: Small Green Mandarin 160g

Hee Creek Xinhui Tangerine Peel Pu-erh Tea 160g/5.6oz Small Green Mandarin Yunnan Palace Pu'er Citrus Tea Canned...
  • The small green mandarin of Pu'er is selected from Tianma citrus in Xinhui, Guangdong Province. the high-quality natural environment has created a mellow, fragrant, full and succulent small green mandarin. Pu'er tea is collected from a century-old tree with superior growth environment, and its pure raw materials create an excellent taste of small green mandarin Pu'er tea.
  • Xinhui small green mandarin is a good product of citrus, filled with the raw materials of ancient trees in Yunnan, from astringent to glycol mutual absorption, through sunlight exposure, dry storage, natural aging of small green mandarin grains full and round, the combination of the two refreshing aroma.
  • The color of Small green mandarin Pu'er tea is clear and bright, and every mouthful of Pu'er tea contains the aroma of green mandarin and the mellow feeling of Pu'er tea. it is fruity, refreshing and mellow, with endless aftertaste. Drink one, brew one, convenient and fast. Traveling on business is easy to carry and allows you to drink good tea anytime and anywhere.
  • How to drink: take appropriate amount of this product, put it into a cup of boiling water and soak for more than five minutes before drinking. It can be brewed and drunk many times. Please note that the date on the package is the date of production. Shelf life: it can be preserved for a long time under suitable conditions. Storage method: ventilating, avoiding light and preventing odor.
  • So, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you comprehensively and thoughtfully as quickly as possible. I wish you a pleasant shopping.

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A Captivating Journey with Hee Creek Xinhui Tangerine Peel Pu-erh Tea

Step into the world of exquisite tea with Hee Creek Xinhui Tangerine Peel Pu-erh Tea. This small green mandarin delight is a fusion of tradition and innovation, creating a sensory experience that will leave you mesmerized. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the intriguing flavors and benefits of this remarkable Chinese tea.

The Essence of Yunnan’s Ancient Trees

Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and flavors of ancient Yunnan trees with every sip of this High-Quality Pu’er Green Mandarin. Made from the finest raw materials sourced from these ancient trees, this tea captures the essence of nature’s bounty. From astringent to glycol, the mutual absorption of flavors creates a symphony of taste that will tantalize your taste buds.

An Artful Confluence of Aromas

The marriage of small green mandarin and Pu’er tea results in a beverage that is both refreshing and mellow. The Small Green Mandarin Pu’er Tea boasts a clear and bright color, inviting you to delve into its depths. Each mouthful of this tea is a harmonious blend of the fruity aroma of green mandarin and the smooth mellow notes of Pu’er tea. With every sip, you’ll be transported to a world of blissful flavors embellished with a lingering aftertaste.

Convenience for Any Occasion

Whether you’re on a business trip or exploring the world, the convenience of this tea cannot be overstated. Its compact size ensures that you can enjoy a cup of authentic tea anytime, anywhere. Simply take an appropriate amount of this product and steep it in boiling water for a magical transformation. In just five minutes, you’ll have a cup of fragrant tea ready to uplift your spirits.

A Timeless Treasure

With a long shelf life and excellent preservation qualities, this tea is a timeless treasure. Stored in suitable conditions, it retains its freshness and aroma, making it a delightful companion on your tea journey. Ventilating, avoiding light, and preventing odor are the keys to unlocking the full potential of this remarkable beverage.

Unleash Your Tea Expertise

If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated team is here to serve you. We take pride in providing comprehensive and thoughtful service, ensuring that your tea-drinking experience is nothing short of exceptional. Embrace the pleasant surprises that await you on this captivating shopping journey.

Dive into the world of Hee Creek Xinhui Tangerine Peel Pu-erh Tea and discover the secrets that lie within each sip. Allow the tantalizing flavors, convenience, and preservation of this small green mandarin tea to be the highlight of your tea collection. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with this extraordinary beverage.

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