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Master Knots with the Fun ‘Knots Coffee Mug’! Learn 8 Knots for Gifting!

How To: Knots Coffee Mug - Learn How to Tie Eight Different Knots - Comes in a Fun Gift Box - by The Unemployed...
  • Are you a sailor, a whaler, or just a good scout? UPG will help get you ship-shape with our How to Tie Knots mug. The mug has a cleat for a handle and comes with a length of rope. As soon as you open the box, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to learn eight classic knots.
  • So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a hot cup of joe or chai, or cocoa, or hot buttered rum, and practice tying knots you'll need for sailing, fishing, or earning a merit badge. Is it the perfect coffee mug or the perfect pastime? (It's a tie.) You should probably buy two, one for home and one for the boat! For sailors and lubbers. Brine not included.
  • 10 oz. mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • From the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Don't worry. We are employed, just not as philosophers. We're a small, Brooklyn based company specializing in gifts for the sophisticated gift giver. For whatever you need, we have presents of mind.

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The Perfect Coffee Mug for the Adventurous Coffee Drinker

How To: Knots Coffee Mug

Are you a sailor, a whaler, or just a good scout? The How To: Knots Coffee Mug by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is here to help you master the art of knot tying while enjoying your morning cup of joe. This unique and captivating mug is not just a vessel for your beverage, but a practical and educational tool that will have you tying knots like a pro.

Learn and Sip in Style

As soon as you open the elegant gift box, you’ll be greeted with a mug that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The How To: Knots Coffee Mug features a clever cleat handle, giving it a nautical flair. To further enhance your learning experience, the mug comes with a length of rope and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of tying eight different knots.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced knot enthusiast, this mug provides the perfect pastime for both relaxation and skill-building. As you sip on your favorite hot beverage, you can take pleasure in the satisfying feeling of becoming a master of knots.

A Knot for Every Occasion

From sailing to fishing and even earning a merit badge, the How To: Knots Coffee Mug has you covered. With the ability to learn eight classic knots, this mug equips you with the essential skills you need for various activities. And the best part? You can practice these knots right at your kitchen table.

Imagine impressing your friends with your knot-tying prowess during your next boating adventure. They’ll be amazed at how seamlessly you can secure a sail or tie a fishing line. The How To: Knots Coffee Mug allows you to become a knot connoisseur without ever stepping foot on a boat.

Quality Craftsmanship and Practicality

The How To: Knots Coffee Mug holds a generous 12 ounces (350mL) of your favorite beverage. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the microwave and dishwasher, making it convenient for your everyday use.

Not only is this mug a practical tool for learning knots, but it also adds a touch of charm to your kitchen or office. Its unique design will catch the eye of guests and spark intriguing conversations about your adventurous spirit.

Final Thoughts

The How To: Knots Coffee Mug is the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of adventure and a love for both coffee and learning. It combines functionality, educational value, and an aesthetic appeal that sets it apart from ordinary mugs.

So why wait? Pour yourself a steaming cup of joe, grab your How To: Knots Coffee Mug, and start mastering the art of knot tying. Whether you’re on land or at sea, this coffee mug will be your trusted companion, helping you sail through the world of knots with ease.

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