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Revolutionary Interplanetary Zip Bags – Perfect Food Storage!

Interplanetary Development – Impulse Sealable Bags | Heavy Duty Zip Bag | Resealable Sealing Strip | Practical |...
  • HEAVY DUTY ZIP – Stoned Studio’s impulse sealable bags features a resealable sealing strip making it tough and resist tears and moisture. The strip is very tight and keeps the content locked inside safely.
  • KEEPS CONTENT FRESH – These impulse sealable bags are food saver sealable for added layer of protection. With its heavy-duty zipper, it keeps the food stay fresh and longer.
  • PERFECT FOOD STORAGE – These impulse sealable bags can store foods such coffee, beans, rice, baking, cookies, tea, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, snack, medicine and more!
  • INCLUSION – This comes in 3x4 inches in size.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- At Interplanetary Development, We Have All Your Needs Covered! And Top-Notch Customer Service!

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Interplanetary Development – Impulse Sealable Bags | Heavy Duty Zip Bag | Resealable Sealing Strip | Practical | Food Storage | 25 pcs | 3 x 4 inches

Are you tired of seeing your favorite snacks go stale or losing the aroma of your freshly ground coffee? Look no further! Interplanetary Development brings you the ultimate solution to all your food storage needs – their Impulse Sealable Bags. With its heavy-duty zipper and resealable sealing strip, this practical product will keep your food fresh, flavorful, and conveniently stored.

Keeps Content Fresh

The most important feature of these Impulse Sealable Bags is undoubtedly their ability to keep your food fresh. The sealable design provides an added layer of protection, preventing air and moisture from entering the bag. No more worries about your coffee beans losing their rich aroma or your snacks turning stale. With these bags, freshness is sealed and your food stays flavorful for longer periods.

Perfect Food Storage

These Impulse Sealable Bags are not limited to just storing one type of food. They are versatile and perfect for a wide range of items. Whether you want to store coffee, beans, rice, baking ingredients, cookies, tea, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, medicine, or even snacks, these bags are up to the task. The 3 x 4 inches size is perfect for small quantities, ensuring your items are neatly stored and easily accessible.


The package includes 25 pieces of these practical bags, giving you ample storage capacity for all your needs. Each bag measures 3 x 4 inches, providing enough space to store a variety of food items. With this quantity, you can store different ingredients separately, keeping them organized and easily identifiable. Say goodbye to messy, cluttered cabinets with the help of these efficient bags.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Interplanetary Development stands behind their products and aims to provide top-notch customer service. With their Impulse Sealable Bags, you can trust that you are purchasing a high-quality item. The durability of the heavy-duty zipper ensures long-lasting usage, saving you from constantly replacing worn-out bags. If you have any concerns or issues, the company is always ready to assist you, making your satisfaction their top priority.

In conclusion, Interplanetary Development’s Impulse Sealable Bags are a game-changer in the world of food storage. Their heavy-duty zipper, resealable sealing strip, and practical design make them the perfect solution for keeping your food fresh and easily accessible. With the ability to store a variety of items, you can conveniently organize your cabinets and never worry about stale snacks or loss of flavor. So why wait? Invest in these bags today and enjoy hassle-free food storage and preservation like never before!


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