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K9 Tactical Dog Goggles: Military-Grade Protection!

K9 Dog Goggles Tactical Protection Police Exceed Military Standards, Large
  • K9 DOG GOGGLES come with 3 lenses - 1 Clear, second lens is black to block the sun's rays and the third lens is yellow to improve night vision. All lenses are rated UV400 - blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • PLEASE NOTE that this product requires training. Allow 1-3 weeks training period and follow the recommended training instructions. If you have any questions about training, contact us by customer support message - we're happy to help you!
  • STRAP SYSTEM is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes. Be sure to follow the fitting instructions, a good fit makes training much easier!
  • NOTE THE SIZE! K9 Dog Goggles come in L sizes, be sure to measure your dog to ensure you get the best fit.
  • K9 Dog Goggles protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.

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K9 Dog Goggles Tactical Protection Police Exceed Military Standards, Large (Army Brown)

K9 Dog Goggles

The K9 Dog Goggles Tactical Protection Police in Army Brown are an absolute game-changer for your four-legged companion. These goggles not only provide superior eye protection from sand, wind, and sun, but they also meet and exceed military standards, making them the top choice for police or military dogs in combat areas. Let’s dive into the details of why these goggles are an essential item for your furry partner.

Superior Protection in High-Stress Situations

Designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions, these K9 goggles have a patented, adjustable strap system that ensures a secure and comfortable fit on your dog’s head and muzzle. This allows for superior motion in any situation, whether they are on the shooting range or engaging in force-on-force training with simulation or paintball rounds. With these goggles on, you can rest assured knowing your loyal companion’s eyes are shielded from unforeseen damage.

Three Interchangeable Lenses

Your purchase includes three interchangeable lenses: clear, smoke, and a low-light lens for night operations. The lenses are made of 2.0mm ballistic grade, high-impact material with a scratch-resistant coating, ensuring long-lasting durability. Not only do these lenses provide 400% UVA/UVB protection, but they can also be easily changed to suit different lighting conditions. Whether it’s bright sunshine or a covert mission under the cover of darkness, these goggles have got your K9 partner covered.

Military-Grade Quality and Size Options

The K9 Tactical Goggles meet and exceed Military Standards MIL-PRF-32432, ANSI Z87.1 2015, and EN166 CE, guaranteeing the highest level of protection compared to any other dog goggles on the market. These goggles come in a size large, suitable for canines weighing between 30 to 100 pounds. Please ensure you measure your dog to ensure the best fit and optimal comfort during their missions.

Get Ready for a Training Transformation

Please note that using these goggles requires training. Allow 1-3 weeks for your dog to become familiar with wearing them, and be sure to follow the recommended training instructions provided. Our customer support team is always ready to assist you with any questions you may have during the training period. Remember, a good fit makes training much easier, so be sure to follow the fitting instructions included with your purchase. When your dog is equipped with our K9 Dog Goggles, they’ll be unstoppable.

In Conclusion

The K9 Dog Goggles Tactical Protection Police in Army Brown are an essential accessory for any Police or Military canine. These goggles provide unparalleled protection, exceed military standards, and offer three interchangeable lenses for various environments. With their adjustable strap system and high-impact material construction, these goggles ensure your dog’s eyes remain shielded from harm. Invest in the ultimate eye protection for your loyal companion and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are equipped to handle any situation they may face.

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