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Zombie Marvel: Omnibus Unleashed

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Unleashing the Undead: Marvel Zombies Omnibus Review

Prepare yourself for a wild and gory ride through the twisted, flesh-eating world of Marvel Zombies! In this Omnibus edition, you’ll find a collection of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes turned into ravenous monsters, and the aftermath that follows their insatiable hunger.

The Apocalypse Strikes

Picture an Earth eerily similar to the Marvel Universe, but overrun by an unfathomable horror. A bizarre alien virus has infected all of our beloved heroes, turning them into unimaginable creatures with an insatiable craving for human flesh. In a matter of hours, life as we know it is obliterated. This is where the madness begins.

Marvel Zombies Civil War

Fast forward forty years into the future, where the zombies have ravaged the entire universe, leaving nothing but barren wastelands in their wake. Now, they return to the remains of their home planet: Earth. What awaits them there is far beyond their twisted imagination. Brace yourself for the clash of undead titans in Marvel Zombies Civil War!

The Journey Begins

But how did the plague first infect these once-heroic beings? Dive deep into the origins of the Marvel Zombie Universe and discover who was the first to succumb to this devastating virus. Brace yourself for the chilling birth of the Zombified Four, as the mystery of the infection unravels before your eyes.

Collecting the Carnage

The Marvel Zombies Omnibus collects all the spine-chilling issues that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It includes Marvel Zombies (2006) #1-5, Marvel Zombies 2 (2007) #1-5, and Marvel Zombies: Dead Days (2007) #1. With this comprehensive collection, you won’t miss a single moment of the terrifying journey.


The Marvel Zombies Omnibus is an absolute must-have for any fan of the undead, superheroes, or the Marvel Universe. Its enthralling narrative and captivating artwork paint a vivid picture of a world gone horribly wrong. The depth of the storytelling and the twisted, yet familiar, characters will keep you engrossed from cover to cover.

With a weight of 1.85 pounds and dimensions of 10.2 x 0.94 x 6.73 inches, this Omnibus is the perfect size to immerse yourself in the gruesome tale. It is published by Panini UK Ltd / Marvel and is available in English. The ISBN-10 is 1846533139, and the ISBN-13 is 978-1846533136.

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